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An Introduction to Fiji

There are some truly spectacular tropical islands in the world today. One may wonder why much of humanity is foolish enough to miss these amazing gifts of nature. While there are still uninhabited islands in the world that can sustain inhabitants with nothing but the natural gifts the islands offer, humans instead reside in cities where fruit and vegetables are something purchased at a store. Instead of vibrant health in tropical island nature, humans instead perform nonsensical tasks day after day to sustain a relatively pointless presence on the planet. In the process of doing so, humanity seems to be compromising the greatest gifts it could possibly receive. Thankfully some people are wise enough to know how amazing harmony with nature in a tropical island paradise can be. Eco-tourism is on the rise and people are finally starting to catch on. Let's look at a tropical island destination where some people still get their coconuts from a tree, rather than a grocery store.

One of the classic tropical island destinations of the South Pacific is known as Fiji, also sometimes called the Fiji Islands. It is a Melanesian nation that is over half of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand. The islands of Fiji are located right along the 180 degree longitudinal line, placing Fiji at the forefront of the conceptual time zones. The nation of Fiji claims an island archipelago including 322 islands, yet only a small portion of these islands contain most of the actual land mass. Approximately an incredible 110 of the islands are documented as having a human population.

There are certainly many islands in Fiji, so here are some of the main islands to know prior to a visit to the tropical wonderland. Viti Levu is the main and largest island of the Fijian archipelago. Vanua Levu is the second largest island located to the north of Viti Levu. Taveuni is the third largest island. It is located near Vanua Levu and is reportedly the only known habitat of a species of flower known as the Tagimoucia. Kadavu is next, to the south of Vanua Levu. There are also the Yasawa Islands in the northwest portion of Fiji. The Yasawa Islands are a popular group of islands for island hopping holiday travelers. There are many more islands in Fiji, but this is a good start.

Fiji is a combination of volcanic mountains and warm ocean waters. The magnificent and varied array of coral reefs available seems to attract tourists from around the world today. Thankfully for the people of Fiji and their communally natural ways, those same coral reefs protected Fiji from most of the European ships that theoretically may have attempted to colonize the Fijian isles. By the time the British arrived, the only major impact was the conversion to Christianity and the cessation of tribal warfare and cannibalism. Today Fiji is an independent nation and the islands are a wonderland of tropical rainforests, coconut plantations, and gorgeous beaches.

Hopefully this introduction to Fiji inspires a journey to a tropical land where fruit is available from trees, in addition to grocery stores.

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