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Aruba Travel Guide

Although Aruba is a small island, it has a lot to offer for vacation traveler. Aruba is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean on the other side, and it’s the smallest island of what are called the ABC islands – Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. It’s said that Aruba has the most beautiful beaches out of the three islands – vacation travelers will find white sandy beaches, including Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, two of the island’s most famous beaches. In general, Aruba has a very sunny climate and is known for its clear turquoise water, making it the perfect place to retreat and rest from the pace of everyday life.

However, Aruba isn’t just sandy beaches – it also offers an exciting nightlife, wonderful restaurants, bars, casinos, and, last but not least, lots of shopping for your vacationing pleasure. If you like outdoor sports, you’ll definitely enjoy scuba diving in Aruba, which is well known for its wreck diving. Most of these dive sites are located on the North end of the island and can be easily reached by boat. The Antilla and Pedenales are two of the most popular the wrecks that you can dive. While you’re diving within the wrecks, you can also explore the beautiful reefs that Aruba has to offer.

But if scuba diving isn’t your thing, don’t worry – the island offers a wide range of entertainment options for all ages. Why not take the kids swimming or fishing? Or maybe a sightseeing tour would make your day. Aruba even has a desert for your hiking enjoyment! Make sure to check out the towering lighthouses and windmills on the island. Getting to all these destinations is easy, as Aruba entertainment is closely knit together for your convenience. You can easily access all of the activities you want to do from your hotel – even the beaches aren’t that far away!

Speaking of hotels, there are several different types of accommodations available in Aruba. You can choose from high rise hotels, beach hotels, villas, condos, and vacation homes, depending on your family’s vacation needs and your budget. The following are a few different hotel options to consider:

  • The Arubiana Inn – If you’re traveling on a budget, check out the Arubiana Inn, where motel prices start as low as $77. It’s a great value for Aruba, and it’s only a short walk to Eagle Beach.
  • The Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Aruba – The Boardwalk Boutique Hotel was once a coconut plantation, and it has a lot to offer all types of vacationers. The hotel features both one and two bedroom suites with fully-equipped kitchens that are just a stone’s throw away from Palm Beach. Prices start at $223, which is a great price for all the amenities they offer.
  • If you’re looking for a hotel with a spa, you may want to check out the Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa. This resort offers spa facilities that overlook Eagle Beach, including yoga, tennis courts, the Alhambra casino, and many more wonderful amenities. Prices start at $259 and up.

Of course, these are only three of the many wonderful accommodations that that you’ll find in Aruba. Places to stay in Aruba are numerous. Whether you’re traveling with your family or enjoying a honeymoon trip, there’s surely an accommodation available that will meet your every need.

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