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Recommendations For An Australia Luxury Vacation

From underwater adventures in the Great Barrier Reef to rainforest escapes, an Australia luxury vacation will surely awaken your senses, renew your spirits, and refuel your zest for life.

The good news about Australia travel is that its tourism industry has ensured that a great many of its travel agencies and tourism-focused services are of very high quality.

So if you’re looking for the best Australia luxury vacations, you can easily travel in style.

Australia Luxury Vacation Ideas

  • Cruise Australia’s rivers on board a luxury boat complete with your own private Jacuzzi, personal chef, and a billabong
  • Cruise the barrier reef on a private sailing charter.
  • Rent a luxury villa. These vacation rental properties usually come with your own swimming pool, luxury facilities and an ocean or rainforest view to die for.
  • Big cities and many islands do cater to luxury vacationers, so it’s easy to find 5 star, sometimes even a 6 star hotel.
  • Thinking about driving during your vacations in Oz? Rent a luxury camper. These 4WD Camper vans can easily tackle the rough roads of the outback and also provide you with all the luxury a camper home offers.
  • See Australia’s unique land formation, rainforest and cities from above and get on a helicopter tour

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