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Places To See For Your Northern Territory Tours In Australia

Some ideas of places to see and things to do for Northern Territory Tours

Australia's Northern Territory is a must-visit for those interested in Australia’s outback and it's natural wonders.

From Uluru Park to Katherine Gorge, the Northern Territory ( NT ) is undoubtedly a part of Australia you wouldn't want to miss.

The NT's major attractions include:

  • Kakadu National Park
  • Uluru-Kata ( Ayer's Rock )
  • Katherine Town/Katherine Gorge
  • Alice Springs
  • The City of Darwin

Suggestions For Northern Territory Tours

Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu National Park is a world heritage site that's 20,000 square kilometers big.

One of Northern Territory's top attractions, it is a place with very interesting sites featuring a little ( or more ) of everything that the Northern Territory has to offer. It has exotic wildlife, an aboriginal rock art site, a vast dry land that in some way looks rather scenic, and breathtaking waterfalls ( during the wet season, that is ).

You can explore tha park by hiking, by 4WD, or by helicopter. The following activities are also possible:

  • Take a river cruise and see the wildlife that abound in the park from birds to water buffalos
  • Rock climbing
  • Swimming in the rock pools of the waterfalls

Keep in mind that what you'll see and experience in the park is very dependent on the season.

Uluru - Ayers RockUluru

The Northern Territory's most popular attraction is a site not to be missed.

At 348 meters high, Uluru or Ayers Rock, which is the world's largest monolith has become almost a symbol of the Australian outback. And if you miss this during your holiday to the NT, it's like you've never been to NT at all.

The best time to see Uluru is at sunrise or sunset when its changing colors make it all the more fascinating. Expect it

Uluru is a sacred site to the aborigines and if they could have their own way, they would rather not have people climbing this big rock.

Some tourists do however. ( Out of respect of their beliefs and in an effort to preserve this beautiful wonder, we discourage it. But it is of course, ultimately your choice as to which part of the spectrum you want to be in )

More About Uluru, visit

Nitmiluk National Park

A tour through Nitmiluk National Park is one of the Northern Territory's more relaxing tour possibilities.

A popular way to explore the park is by a boat cruise through the Katherine Gorge, which is the park's most popular attraction.

If that doesn't appeal to you, you can also see more of what the park has to offer by renting a canoe or by walking.

Other Things To Do During A Northern Territory Tour

  • Rent a 4WD and explore the region.
  • Know more about the aborigines’ way of life by visiting museums. You’ll most likely find an aboriginal artist who will tell you more about their culture, their beliefs, their way of life and their history. A very interesting insight into the aboriginal life.
  • Bushwalking : A trip to the Northern territory is of course never complete without a bushwalking tour. Explore this amazing territory and get acquainted with its various natural wonders and world famous sites.

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