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The Best Places For Queensland Holiday Packages

Check out these top spots and activities in Queensland which we recommend you include in your Queensland holiday packages

The Great Barrier Reef

If you find yourself in Queensland, it is only apt that you see the Great Barrier Reef because not going would just be sacrilegious.

The Great Barrier Reef is actually composed of about 2900 coral reefs which you can explore by diving, snorkeling or if you don’t want to get wet, by a glass bottom boat.

Other interesting and fun ways to explore the barrier reef are by taking a sailing cruise or by helicopter.

Exclusive Island Getaway

Staying in an island getaway should make your Queensland holiday package perfect. You can choose from luxury island resorts or perhaps camp on some of its islands.

Popular island resorts include the Hamilton Island resort, Contiki Great Kepel Island’s Mercure Resort, Whitsundays Islands and Beddara Island resorts.

Whitsunday Islands

Visit the Whitsunday Islands and experience the best of Australia’s beach life --- swim its azure blue water or perhaps go sailing; with about 74 islands, you’ll find just the right one to suit your interests.

To explore the islands for day trips, stay somewhere on Airlie beach which is a popular base for exploring the islands.

Daintree Rainforest

To see the best of Australia's flora and fauna, the Daintree Rainforest is a great place to be.

Home to a diverse and unique ecosystem, this site has earned World Heritage status as an example of exquisite natural phenomena.

To see the best of the park's wildlife, some activities that you can do include a river cruise, hiking ( there are tracks to follow ), and swimming on its many beaches.

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Kuranda Village

Visit Kuranda, a village set amidst a tropical rainforest.

The fact that it is surrounded by wildlife and natural wonders are reason enough to visit Kuranda. But that is not the only thing that it has to offer.

Home to the indigenous people, the Djabugay, you'll have a wonderful insight into their life, culture and arts. If you want, you can even have a tour of the Kuranda with a Djabugay tour guide!

Also, the village itself is a nice quaint place to just relax and go shopping.

For Tours With a Djabugay tour guide:

phone: 07 4093-9111

Queensland Beaches

If you don’t go to any of Queensland’s beaches, then you haven’t been to Queensland at all.

Go to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast where beach lovers congregate for the best of the sun and all the fun that comes with it.

Fancy going to an island? Check out Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island where you are highly likely to see a humpback whale during the migration season.


And you must explore Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city and Australia’s arts capital. And if you fancy doing something different while you’re there, try doing a tandem skydive or perhaps a rap jump and get your adrenalin soaring!

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