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Baja Whale Watching
A Unique Tropical Vacation Activity

Places you can go for a Baja whale watching adventure and unique whale watching boat tours.

As the Alaskan water becomes a bit too cold for the California Grey Whales, they sail off ( or swim, glide and blow air once in a while) to the warmer lagoons of the Baja Peninsula. This starts the season for Baja whale watching which is from early January to late March.

The places where tour operators will take you for whale watching boat tours can be in any of the following areas of the Peninsula. These three whale watching sites are best reached from La Paz Or Loreto.

• Magdalena Bay
• San Ignacio Lagoon
(Laguna San Ignacio )
• Laguna Ojo de Liebre
(Scammon’s Lagoon )

Length of Baja Whale Watching Tours

Most tours last from 1 to 3 hours but you can also book whale watching tours that last as long as 7 days!

These multi-day live-aboard boat tours not only include whale watching tours but also island hopping trips, scuba diving, snorkeling and other kinds of wildlife watching.

Baja Whale Watching Tour Companies

Many of the hotels can help you plan and make reservations for a whale watching tour. Failing that, most tour agencies within the area should be able to assist you.

We’ve researched a few tour companies online which you might want to check out. The ones we list below are rated highly by many travelers as they offer quality, eco-oriented and a unique tour itinerary.

Note: If you’ve used any of these companies for Baja whale watching tours, we’d appreciate a review or two.

Sea Quest Expeditions
Forget getting on a big boat with a dozen other tourists. Sea Quest Expeditions offer unique whale watching tours on board a kayak.

Expedition Trips
Very unique tours that last a week or more. And if you’re an avid photographer, there are whale watching trips which are specially designed for photographers. The itinerary considers things as perfect light time, scenic routes etc.

Baja Eco tours
Eco oriented tour company with many guides who are marine biologists


  • If you want to travel independently during your Baja whale watching tour, you can rent a boat and the skipper for about 40 USD/hour for 6 people –make sure you brush up on your Spanish speaking skills to negotiate the rates.
  • The California Grey Whales are the most popular whale watching attraction in Baja, but there are actually other kinds of whales ( more than 20 species found ) that are residents of the area and are frequently sighted at the Sea Of Cortes.

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