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Bali Area Guide


The island of Bali in Indonesia is a popular tropical destination that has received much international acclaim. The island is considered to be a wonderful choice for a traveler who wants an enjoyable and friendly island atmosphere. The natural beauty of Bali and its plethora of cultural delights are a wonderful way to enjoy a holiday. Here is a guide to a couple of Bali's enjoyable areas.


Should an intrepid traveler be interested in Bali's number one surfing destination, then the area known as Kuta is likely the best choice. Kuta is a wonderful area to learn how to surf and it features a long stretch of gorgeous beach waiting for tourists to enjoy. The surfing is notably nice for a beginner as there is not a lot of coral and nor are there many rocks to make learning more challenging. The beach is certainly a renowned surfing destination and likely worth a visit. Aside from surfers, the Kuta area is also popular among backpackers. Kuta is known as somewhat of a party town and features a relatively happening nightlife for the island of Bali. It may be a bit too wild for visitors who are attuned to a subtler sense of enjoyment. The traffic of Kuta is also not generally considered the most pleasant in Bali. Kuta is likely a good choice for a backpacker interested in learning how to surf during the day and also enjoying a night at a club. There are better choices in Bali for travelers who prefer Balinese culture and the island's natural wonders.


Ubud is the area of Bali considered to be the island's thriving cultural and artistic center. It features several museums and many venues for enjoying traditional Balinese dance performances. Ubud also features some spectacular Balinese temples. These include a temple known as Tirta Empul, a gorgeous temple that features a hot spring where the people of Bali bathe in a traditional stone bathing pool. The landscape of Ubud also features some glorious rice paddies that can be a wonderfully scenic addition to a romantic sunset. The legendary monkey forest of Ubud is yet another attraction for an intrepid traveler. It is basically a forest populated by many monkeys, which can be an amazing experience. One should note that is highly advisable that a visitor not carry any food into the forest so that the monkeys will have no reason to bite. A dance performance known as Barong Dance is scheduled to be presented daily at 9:30AM about 15 minutes south of Ubud. It is considered to be primarily for tourists, but lasts around an hour and presents a good introduction to more traditional Balinese dance culture. Ubud is also known for its whitewater rafting adventures and features some gorgeous river valley views. Ubud is also likely a good choice for those more interested in quiet day of yoga and meditation, as the area has yoga and meditation studios available for tourists to enjoy. There is also a plethora of restaurant choices for a nice dinner after a day of cultural enrichment.

These and many more wonderful areas are waiting to be enjoyed on the island of Bali.