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Cultural wonderland of Bali


The island of Bali is a magical island paradise steeped in cultural richness and natural beauty. There are seemingly countless reasons why a tropically inclined traveler would choose to make Bali a primary destination of choice. There are a plethora of ancient temples ready to delight one with a sense of cultural adventure and also a plethora of beaches and other natural wonders awaiting someone who may be more organically inclined. Here are some of the best reasons to enjoy a journey to Bali.

The island of Bali is actually considered a part of Indonesia, regardless of its many strong contrasts to the primarily Islamic Indonesian culture. Balinese culture is a blend of a variety of cultural influences. This includes a more traditional style of animism with a strong appreciation for natural wonders. The Indian pantheon of spiritual traditions known collectively as Hinduism is also highly prominent in the island's supposed more than 20,000 temples. Balinese temple culture is actually a wonderfully unique harmony of natural animism that has essentially integrated with imported Hindu concepts to form a surprisingly enjoyable cultural landscape. Buddhist iconography is another likely to be seen during a stay on the island of Bali. Some of the residents of Bali practice Buddhism in addition to common Hindu rituals, happily integrating the practices of both traditions. Each small town in Bali is supposedly required to have at least 3 temples, and many reportedly choose to have more than that. Most family residences in Bali also usually have some kind of temple as a normal part of a Balinese home.

The legendary arts of Bali are something of an extension of this rich cultural heritage and the island is also considered to be a craft shopping paradise. The many fine crafts of Bali include the famous Balinese batik cloth ready to adorn an international visitor in a more local style, in addition to wooden sculpture, stone carving, metal working, and more. Many visitors actually choose to start a small manufacturing business of their own after finding skilled artisans in Bali. The spiritual tradition of Bali is a large influence on the pristine quality of much Balinese craftsmanship and shoppers certainly seem to appreciate the wonderful art the people of Bali have available for sale in the many markets. Balinese dance is also a wonderful island art and many island locations offer spectacular dance performances.

Spas are a popular Balinese treat and the island is renowned for its many wonderful spa resorts. Massage and other treatments are available in various forms around the island and a visitor to Bali should certainly partake in some kind of relaxing treatment during a stay. The Balinese lulur body scrub is one treatment that is apparently quite popular and is traditionally performed on a bride prior to a wedding ceremony. The wonderful treatment includes a variety of herbs and spices.

This is just a taste of the vast island treasure that is known as Bali. All this and much more awaits in the wonderland of Balinese culture.