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Barbados Travel Guide

Barbados is a fantastic place to go on vacation, as it’s one of the most developed islands in the Caribbean. Barbados offers beautiful white sandy beaches, water sports, luxury resorts, museums, and shopping – there’s truly something for everyone’s tastes. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a romantic getaway, Barbados is definitely a destination to consider.

While in Barbados, you’ll find many different activities to enjoy. The sparkling clear waters around the island make snorkeling in Barbados an exotic underwater adventure. You’ll find breathtaking coral reefs that go on for miles and are full of gorgeous ocean life. If scuba diving is something you enjoy, you’ll want to check out the island’s many wrecks. Even if you’re a beginning diver, you’ll find that there are many dive shops that offer classes on how to get started. If you want to explore these underwater sights, but aren’t that into diving, Barbados also offers submarine submersible tours, where you’ll be able to enjoy the marine life and coral reefs in comfort thru large viewing windows.

Barbados also offers several island tours for your enjoyment. Typically, these tours involve small groups of people led by a native tour leader on a bus or open car. Each tour has it’s own unique itinerary – some might take you around the entire island, while others are more focused on special interests, like flowers or historical points of interest. If you can’t find one that interests you, ask at your hotel for a company that does custom tours, where you’ll be able to select the stops that interest you most.

The island of Barbados has several different accommodations available for your vacation stay, including 5 star hotels, retreats by the water, affordable apartment hotels, and wonderful guest houses by the ocean. Barbados accommodations have become more affordable over the years, although, if you’re traveling with a family, the best value accommodations tend to be “apartels” – which are similar to traditional apartments and offer their own cooking facilities.

Barbados’s guest houses are another economical option if you’re traveling on a budget. These accomodations are usually beach front and they always come fully furnished. Guest houses will you that “homey” kind of feel that you won’t find in a big name hotel. If you’re looking for luxury, Barbados also offers villa accommodations that are on or close to the beachfront. Villas typically offer more personal service for you, and often include a staff that will make you comfortable while you’re staying there. If you choose to go this route, you’ll find that villas have all the amenities of home – and a whole lot more!

Getting to Barbados is very easy. Two major airlines out of the United States – American and the British West Indies Airlines – fly directly on to the island. Other major airlines fly from Europe and South America. Flights land at Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados – a very modern airport that’s open 24/7. Of course, you will need a valid passport and return ticket when going through immigration. If you don’t yet have your passport, apply for one several months ahead of time. Passport processing is notoriously slow, and you don’t want your dream vacation to be held up by paperwork!

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