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Beaches of Kauai

The best areas of coastline that the island has to offer

Napali Coast Kauai
( Photo By Kumasawa )

It is potentially a little known fact about Hawaii, but the island with more area of sandy coastline than any other is actually the northernmost inhabited island known as the garden isle of Kauai. It is a spectacularly beautiful island, where nature still shines with its pure beauty, and a mystical wonderland of flora abounds for the loving nourishment of the isle's magical fauna. This gentle habitat is truly a pristine tropical paradise where the continued rhythm of the ocean has, over the eons, slowly but surely refined its shores to the vast expanses of golden grains now ready to massage your appreciative feet.

Let's take a look at some of the primary highlights of Kauai's wonderful beach offerings to help you get an idea of just which one of these wonders might best suit your vacation plans. It's important to remember that there is only one main road on Kauai and that it ends on the north and west sides of the island, with the pristine Na Pali coast left between to only be hiked or boated across. We will begin with the north of the island past Hanalei and gradually make our way to the west side. The first beach, Ke'e, is at the beginning of the Na Pali coast trail and the final beach, Polihale, borders the other side of that coastal area.

Ke's Beach
Ke's is a very popular north shore snorkeling destination and for good reason. Its enclosed reef area is a gorgeously unique pool that is fairly well protected by the surrounding reef. Maybe that is why there are so many schools of small fish to watch and enjoy while snorkeling along. The beginning of the Kala Lau trail is there and you can go for a good day-hike to a nearby river and waterfall.

Hanalei Bay
This bay is a spectacular beach that the town of Hanalei was built along. The emerald green mountainous backdrop, which is filled with waterfalls on the right days, is a uniquely amazing view to enjoy from the water. Hanalei Bay is a wonderful place to learn to surf, because of its sandy bottom, and surfing lessons are readily available.

Secrets Beach
This is a truly amazing beach on the north shore that includes a view of the lighthouse marking the northernmost point of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands. Bodysurfing can be popular here at different times of year and the beach is gigantic, so it is usually easy to find a quiet spot. It may be challenging to find the beach at first, but ask a resident in the Kilauea area and you will likely realize how easy it is to get to.

Polihale is miles of beautiful sandy beach stretching along the west side of the island. The road to get to the beach from the highway can sometimes be difficult to drive along, but it is being improved and should be much easier than it used to be.

There are many small and beautiful beaches all over the island and these are just some of the most popular. It.s really best to try each one if at all possible.

Other Popular Activities In Kauai

1) Kayaking
2) Cycling
3) Visit to the lighthouse & bird sanctuary
4) Massage for two
5) Attend a luau
6) Stroll along the Ke’e and Tunnels Beach

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