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    Villa DucaleThe Island Of Sicily, Italy

    Occupied by many different civilizations, Sicily has a unique and interesting culture that never fails to captivate any visitor. This and its beautiful rugged countryside makes it one of the Mediterranean's top island destinations.

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    Villa DucaleThe Island Of Sardinia, Italy

    Sardinia is the second-largest Italian island behind Sicily. It is located just south of the popular French island Corsica. Sardinia's economy revolves primarily around tourism.

    It's capital and favored tourist destination is Cagliari on the south end of the island. It is popular among younger crowds in the summer as pubs and night-clubs cater to that demographic. The city is several hundred years old and rich in culture and history.

    Sassari, located on the north shore of Sardinia, is the second-largest city on the island with around 300,000 inhabitants. It is home to the rocky beach of Porto Palmas and is home to a considerable amount of art.

    Villa DucaleThe Island Of Elba, Italy

    Elba is the third-largest Italian island behind Sicily and Sardinia (but it's really nowhere close to the size of those two). It is located between the Italian mainland and the French island of Corsica. Flights directly to the island are available from Friedrichshafen (Germany), Munich, and Zurich. The island is more commonly accessible by ferry from mainland Italy. Elba is home to dozens of resorts and hotels for your Italian Island vacation destination.

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