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A Basic Guide To Aruba

Tropical island aficionados have written many songs in celebration of the natural wonders of such luscious environments. One of the tropical island destinations popularized by the music of the surf band known as the Beach Boys is the Caribbean isle of Aruba. Let’s take a look at some of what makes Aruba a place worth writing a hit song about.

The island of Aruba is only 30 kilometers in length and 9 kilometers in width, yet has plenty of renowned white sand beaches for a tropical island vacationer to enjoy. With a practically continuous tropical climate of around 27 degrees Celsius (81 Fahrenheit), it is easy to see why it is such a popular destination for vacationers looking for a nice day at the beach. The island’s climate is regulated by the pleasant trade winds flowing in from the ocean, making for a nice atmosphere for most of the year as there is very little seasonal temperature variation. The island is also thankfully located beyond the primary hurricane zone of the Caribbean Sea. Weather is usually on the dry side during the day, although there are occasionally light showers at night.
Although close to the coast of Venezuala, the island of Aruba is considered an autonomous dependency of the European Kingdom of the Netherlands, also known as Holland. Aruba is historically documented as having first been discovered by Spain in 1499 and was later acquired by the Dutch in 1636. Aruba reportedly seceded from the Netherland Antilles group of islands in 1986, yet apparently chose to remain an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island economy has a relatively rich monetary history, with a gold rush in the 19th century and an oil refinery opening in the 20th century. The current primary natural resource of Aruba is white sandy beaches, which thankfully provides a healthy tourist industry for the island residents. Tourism is supposedly booming and is considered to be the current mainstay of the island economy.

The international airport on the western side of Aruba makes the island relatively easy to get to. There are direct flights to and from various cities in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, and also daily connections to various cities in Venezuela. Aruba is also one of the destinations of the itinerary of some Caribbean cruise ships, so that is another option for travel by sea. English is widely spoken on Aruba, so English speakers should be able to get around on the small island relatively easily.
Some of Aruba’s surprisingly many attractions include the gorgeous white sand beaches and also some other wonderful offerings. One is a diving and snorkeling attraction, known as the Antilla, which was reportedly a cargo ship intentionally sunk in the 1940’s by its German crew. The remains are located in the ocean near Malmok Beach. Another is a mountain known as Hooiberg that is located near the center of Aruba. The 1000 steps up the mountain are said to lead to an amazing view of Aruba and also even possibly the coast of Venezuela on a clear day.
This and much more awaits on the tropical island paradise of Aruba.


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