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Tropical Island Vacation as a Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding? Have you considered having a destination wedding on a tropical island? Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular as couples break away from the traditional wedding format and try something different and more exciting.

There are some pros and cons to a tropical island destination wedding.


    • Gorgeous, unforgettable wedding setting
      Less intensive planning as many destination weddings are something of a point-and-click package deal
      You get to start the honeymoon instantly after the ceremony
      More affordable than you might imagine
  • Cons

    • More costly for your guests therefore…
      Fewer friends and family in attendance (though that may be a good thing!)
      You don’t get to get away from your parents on your honeymoon
  • Where to have your tropical island vacation destination wedding?

    There are several great parts of the world to have your tropical island destination wedding. For a generally more affordable, stateside wedding, consider a Floridian island: Sanibel Island, Palm Island, and Amelia Island are all popular wedding destinations.

    If you want to branch out a bit more, try a Caribbean island. It will be more expensive for your guests, but also more novel and exotic. Grand Cayman, Turks and Caicos, and the Bahamas are all fine (and popular) choices.

    Another great possibility is Puerto Rico. When you choose Puerto Rico, you get all of the positives of an international destination without the hassles of international travel. The El San Juan resort is a popular choice for couples doing a Puerto Rico destination wedding.

    Another great spot for an island wedding without the hassles of international travel is Hawaii. You only get married once (hopefully), why not do it on one of America’s very own tropical paradise? Hawaiian destination weddings are very popular. For a single price, you can fly to your island of choice and have everything waiting on you for your perfect destination wedding.

    Finally, if you’re feeling really gutsy, why not try the South Pacific? It may cause quite the commotion among your guest list, but it’s your wedding! They’ll get over it. Tahiti and Fiji are both fabulous destinations for an extravagant, exotic destination wedding!


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