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Tropical Vacation Spots for Summer

Looking for a tropical vacation destination for the summer months? Many popular tropical destinations are off-peak in the summer because of the heat. Here are some better options for a summer tropical vacation where you’re unlikely to be cooked to death.


Average temperatures in Bermuda in the summer months are around a high of 85 degrees with a low of 75 degrees. In other words, Bermuda is basically the perfect tropical island vacation destination for the summer months. Summer is the perfect time to visit Bermuda; during the winter season, the average high is “only” around 70 degrees. Bermuda is basically all alone in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is directly east of South Carolina by about 1,000 miles. The population of the entire island is only around 65,000, so you will find plenty of quiet seclusion on this famed British territory.

South of France

The South of France is pristine in the summer months with an average high temperature of around 82 and an average low of 61. These numbers fluctuate somewhat depending on the exact city and month, but they are a pretty good representation of what you can expect to find in the French Riviera. There are several beach communities along the Mediterranean coast in France. In Saint-Tropez, you can find beautiful beaches (including nude beaches), yachts, five-star restaurants and hotels, and quite likely a few celebrities. The city has become something of a mecca for the rich, so it’s probably not the ideal choice for vacationers on a budget. The city of Menton offers more affordable accommodations and is also a stone’s throw from Italy.

Not far from Menton is the city of Cannes which plays host to the large film festival named after the town. The film festival is usually held in May. If you decide to avoid that hub-ub, visiting Cannes later in the summer will yield even more remarkable weather. Cannes is known for its shopping offerings in addition to luscious beaches.

South Pacific

Despite it technically being winter in the South Pacific during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months, the weather is ideal for summer vacationing. Fiji maintains an average high in the 80s and an average low in the low 70s during summer months. Fiji’s soft coral reefs offer scuba divers an opportunity of a lifetime. The island has recently placed a focus on creating more budget options for travelers to help entice those initially turned away by higher airfare costs. There are dozens of islands in the South Pacific that cater to tourists. One option not to overlook is Hawaii. Hawaii offers all of the amenities of a summer tropical island vacation without the hassles of international travel. The average high in the summer months in Hawaii reaches into the upper 80s.


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