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Top Bonaire Beaches

Beaches in Bonaire Island to laze in and explore

Bonaire is a diving paradise but pristine white sand beaches are not exactly one of it’s positive characteristics. The island is, after all, a desert.

But if you really wish to sunbathe on its beaches, check out the following Bonaire beaches.

Beach For Surfing
This is on the east side of the island and is the best spot for windsurfing. There are two noticeable hotels on this beach which are Lac Bay resort and Sorobon beach resort. Sorobon beach resort is the only nudist resort on the island

Beach for on shore diving
Go to the 1000 Steps beach. It’s really only about 70 steps, but who cares when these provide you easy access to this underwater world? Boca Bartol beach is also another dive site.

Beaches on the Washington Slagbaai National Park are some of the best spots on the island. This includes Boka Bartol, Playa Funchi, Boca cocoloshi, and Boca Slaagbaii

Beach worth mentioning
Pink Beach for snorkeling, swimming and picnics. There are no facilities on this beach so make sure you’ve included a packed lunch in your backpack.

If you really want to go to a pristine beach, then take a boat and go to Klein Bonaire, an uninhabited island ( which belongs to Bonaire ) where tourists usually flock for the beautiful beaches as well as the snorkeling and diving opportunities.

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