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Bonaire Diving - A Scuba Diver's Paradise

Scuba diving is Bonaire’s top selling point and for many years now, divers all over the world have consistently rated it as one of the world’s top diving sites.

And no one are more proud of this than the Bonaireans.

Their island may be an arid dry dessert, but the coast that surrounds it, thanks to their efforts, has a healthy marine life with a fringing reef and an array of marine life just a few swim strokes away.

Some divers even rank it in the same category as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef!

Best Time To Visit For Bonaire Scuba Diving

Bonaire diving is pretty good the whole year with a diving visibility of 150 feet during excellent conditions.

During the months of February to April though, the water can get a bit rough and visibility sometimes drop to as low as 70 feet.

Where To Go For Scuba Diving Trips

Bonaire is known as the world’s best destination for onshore scuba diving. So if you don’t want to take a boat out, it is relatively easy to just put on your gear and go for a dive from the shore.

At any rate, you’ll have no problem looking for a diving company that will take you out for dives or enroll you for a course.

The Dive operators in Bonaire are in fact some of the best that the diving world can offer. And the cheapest in the Caribbean, at that.


  • All divers are required to go through an orientation course before a dive if you haven’t gone diving in Bonaire for the past year.
  • All scuba divers entering the marine park have to pay the $25 marine fee/year. This also entitles you to free entrance to the Slaagbai National Park.

Bonaire Night Diving

With it’s very high diving visibility, Bonaire night diving is rated the best in the world. It is in fact one of the most highly appreciated and enjoyed night life activity for many travelers to this Caribbean island.

Dive operators usually schedule a night dive a couple of times a week, but with shore diving just as good, most divers only have to swim a few meters from the shore to make the best of Bonaire’s underwater night life.

The most popular night diving site in Bonaire is the Town Pier although you can also see some very interesting marine life just by diving on the shore from where your hotel is.

For an excellent webpage about Bonaire night diving which includes reviews and tips, visit ShoreDiving.Com

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