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Best Places To See For Bonaire Island Tours

Recommendations for places to see and things to do for Bonaire island tours

When you’ve had enough of diving and snorkeling, an island tour around Bonaire can prove to be a very interesting experience

The island may not offer as many attractions as other Caribbean islands, but it sure can be a very unique experience.

The thing that you need to remember during an island tour of Bonaire is that it is a dry desert. So don’t expect lush trees and miles of green fields.

And don’t forget to have loads of sunscreen.

Some of the things that you can see and do around the island are:

  • Go to the Flamingo sanctuary which houses thousands of flamingoes. Make sure you have a pair of binoculars as you can only watch them from afar.
  • For a little bit of an educational tour, visit the Bonaire Museum
  • There’s also a Donkey Sanctuary. The donkeys in Bonaire were once used but some were later abandoned when they were no longer of any use and taking care of them proved to be very expensive. The Donkey Sanctuary takes care of these donkeys and their off-spring.
  • Birdwatching
  • Visit the small town of Kralendijk which is Bonaire’s capital and see its Dutch-colonial style buildings and charming shops and restaurants.
  • Visit the island’s lighthouses.
  • Get on a kayak and explore the mangroves. Go to Lac Bay to rent the kayaks.
  • Give one day to explore Slagbai National Park

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