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Things To Do In Bonaire For Island Vacations

Here are top things to do in Bonaire for great island vacations

Bonaire Diving
Scuba diving is Bonaire’s top selling point and for many years now, divers all over the world have consistently rated it as one of the world’s top diving sites.

Bonaire Night Diving
With it’s very high diving visibility, Bonaire night diving is rated the best in the world.

It is in fact one of the most highly appreciated and enjoyed night life activity for many travelers to this Caribbean island

Bonaire Windsurfing

Compared to scuba diving, windsurfing in Bonaire is a relatively new tourist activity on the island.

And even though it may not be a very popular wind surfing area yet, it does offer great opportunities for both beginners to surfing and the experienced surfer.

Lay Bay on Bonaire’s East coast is where you’ll find surfers strutting their stuff, and enjoying the best of this area which offers a sheltered bay with just the right wind speed for that great windsurfing opportunity.

When To Go For The Best Windsurfing
December – August offers higher winds while September to Mid December has lighter winds. For more info on air wind and sea temperatures, visit Bonaire WindSurfing

Notes: October is the regatta week in Bonaire

Bonaire Fishing

If fishing is some thing you enjoy doing, Bonaire is an island destination you’ll love. It is quite easy to find a tour for reef fishing but sport fishing is also available for charter trips.

A fishing trip can include bonefishing, deep sea fishing, and even night fishing. The most popular fishing charter companies are Big Game Sport Fishing BigGameSport Fishing and Piscatur fishing Bonaire Fishing

Island Tour

When you’ve had enough of diving and snorkeling, an island tour around Bonaire can prove to be a very interesting experience.

Bonaire Snorkeling

For those who are not into diving, snorkeling in Bonaire is just as entertaining. If you’ve got snorkeling gear, all you really need to do is walk from the beach of your hotel and voila! you’re already a guest of the ocean’s abundant coral and fish.

Bonaire Night Life

The night life in Bonaire can be a bit drab compared to many of the more touristy Caribbean islands. Some of the things that you can do include:

  • The obvious which is night snorkeling or diving
  • Feeling lucky? There are 2 casinos on the island which are at Divi Flamingo and the Plaza Resorts

In downtown Kralendijk, there are cafes and bars on the waterfront that many tourists frequent for a bit of night time madness.

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