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A Bonaire Vacation
Great Holidays In One Of The ABC Islands

With a protected reef, a Bonaire vacation offers some of the best diving and beach vacations in the Caribbean Island

While many countries are just learning how to protect and develop their marine and natural environment, Bonaire is already benefiting from the wealth that sustainable development brings. It has, in fact, 25 good solid years of experience in this.

Undoubtedly the Caribbean’s top diving site, Bonaire has its surrounding coast as a protected marine park and thus offers some of the best sites for snorkeling and diving opportunities worldwide.

Bonaire may be overshadowed by its more popular sisters, Aruba and Curacao, but this is precisely what makes it a great hideaway in tropical Caribbean.

Where Is Bonaire?

Bonaire is one of the Netherlands Antilles’ ABC islands which include Aruba and Curacao. It is about 50 miles North of Venezuela and 86 miles from Aruba.

Best Time To Go For A Bonaire Vacation

With an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, Bonaire is generally dry the whole year with some rain showers from October to January. It is also not in the typhoon belt and is thus very very rarely visited by one.

With this in mind, the best time to visit is largely dependent on when the best time is for you. Listed below are some factors that you might put into consideration.

  • The tourist season starts in October and ends in April
  • If you’d like to go when there are less tourists and when prices are generally cheaper, go during the low season
  • Rain usually comes from November – January ( not really rain, more like rainlets! )

Getting Around Bonaire/ Bonaire Car Rental

There are no public buses in Bonaire, so you will most likely rent a car ( Most people rent a pick-up truck which is ideal for Bonaire’s rough roads) if you want to explore the island.

Just a word of caution, there are incidents of petty theft on the island so it’s best not to have any valuables with you in your car.

Widely popular advice is also to never leave your windows closed as this will only give out the idea that there’s something of value inside. This will more often than not leave you with a broken window.

You can also rent scooters or bicycles. Taxis are also available.

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