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British Virgin Islands ( BVI ) Bareboat Yacht Charters

If you fancy a holiday out on your own, steering your very own chartered yacht, then a bareboat charter is for you

If you already know which company you’re using, it is best to send them your resume in advance to make sure that you meet their requirements.

BVI Bareboat Yacht Charter Qualifications

Bareboat charter companies in the British Virgin Islands require that you have keel boat experience.

Most companies will need you to show your qualifications, certificates, and a resume of boating experience.

There is also often a briefing about sailing in the BVI before you start your trip.

Things To Consider Before Your Bareboat Charter In The British Virgin Islands

1) Which kind of yacht do you plan to charter?
Most yacht charter companies in the BVI have catamarans, monohulls, trimarans, or powerboats

2) Which Yacht Company To Charter
Mooring and Sunsail are considered by many as the top luxury charter companies in the BVI. But if you’re looking for slightly more affordable yachts, check out Conch charters, Horizon Yacht charters or Footloose which offer older yachts ( second hand yachts from Moorings and sunsail, I believe )

If you would rather not have to burden yourself with the rigours of which company to use, contact a broker. For no fee at all, yacht brokers will assist you in finding the yacht that you’re looking for.

To find a reputable broker, find someone who is a member of the Yacht Charter Brokers Association.

3) Information You Might Want Handy Before You Contact A Broker

a. How many people there will be on the cruise
b. How many days you plan to sail
c. Which kind of yacht you prefer to charter
d. How much your budget is ( if any )

Important Points To Include On Your Boating Resume

1) Your boating experience
2) The boat/s you own ( if applicable )
3) Details of your boating experience
4) The crew who will be with you and their knowledge & experience
5) The kinds and sizes of boats you have sailed

Note: A resume is something that you need to have if you bareboat charter in the BVI. This is in fact, more important than a certificate. Be very specific about your experience, skills and sailing knowledge as this is what most charter companies will give more weight on.

If by any chance the company decides that your qualifications do not meet their requirements, they will usually suggest that a trained skipper accompany you for the first few days.

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