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British Virgin Island ( BVI ) Yacht Charters

The British Virgin Islands – A Top Yacht Charter Destination In The Caribbean

The BVI often comes as a wonderful surprise to many travelers.

Compared to the USVI which is filled with big resorts and tourists, the British Virgin Islands offer no hotel chains or loud groups on spring breaks.

This is a Caribbean paradise as it is meant to be.

It’s a place where cozy inns are sought after,

where the forest is lush and green, where relaxation & tranquility are the island’s mantra.

And for many sailing enthusiasts, the British Virgin Islands is most importantly a haven for yacht charters and sailing cruises in the Caribbean.

So as part of Tropical Island Vacation’s series of top sailing destinations, this article will focus on yacht charter vacations in the BVI. The following information is included on this article:

The Best Time To Charter A Boat In The British Virgin Islands ( BVI )

The BVI enjoys warm weather even during the winter season. Expect days of constant sunshine and fresh trade winds.

November – January
This is the winter season and it is when tourists flock to the British Virgin Islands. The temperature during the day can range from 80-85F and the wind average at 15-20 knots. Expect very short rainshowers some days.

February – June
The wind can range from 10-15 knots during these months. There’s usually more rainshowers at this time.

July - September
This is the BVI’s off tourist season. Day temperature can go up to 95 F. Should you decide to charter a yacht at this time, ask for one with airconditioned cabins.

  • Tourist season peaks from January – april
  • Hurricane season is from June to November although the BVI is largely a low-risk hurricane area.

Some Of The Top British Virgin Island Yacht Charter Companies

I. These are the top yacht charter companies in the BVI

a) The Moorings
Phone : 284-494-2332

b) Sunsail
Tel: 0870 -777 – 0313

II. For cheaper yacht charters, try these two companies. They use older yachts than Moorings and Sunsail, but the service is just as good.

a) Conch Charters : Road Town, Tortola, Phone ( 284) 494-4868, email:

b) Horizon Yacht Charters: (284) 494 -8787, email:

Popular Island Destinations For British Virgin Island Yacht Charters

1) Virgin Gorda is the BVI’s 3rd largest island and is home to one of the country’s most popular attractions, the Baths. Moorings and anchoring are easily available on this island.

2) Jost Van Dyke – Only four miles long, this is a favorite of many sailors for its picture perfect ambiance.

3) Anegada – Fancy some snorkeling? Anegada hosts the Horshoe Reef which is one of the world’s largest coral reefs.

4) Peter Island is where the exclusive Peter Island Resort is located. Some facilities in the resort cannot be used by non-guests but this island nonetheless offers some of the most beautiful pristine beaches in the BVI.

5) Cooper Island is a truly amazing island in the British Virgin Islands which is surrounded by coral reefs and dive sites.

Note: There are over 60 islands and cays in the BVI, so the spots above are just the tip of the iceberg of what these islands have to offer for a yacht charter vacation.

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