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Can You Drink The Water In Mexico?

If you're planning a trip to Mexico, chances are you've been told that you shouldn't drink the water. .But this is 2009,. you may be thinking. .Surely in this modern day and age a country like Mexico has made arrangements to have safe water for its tourists.. But unfortunately, you'd be wrong. While tourism is an important industry in Mexico, the problems with the water go far beyond inconveniencing tourists. To be safe, don't drink the water.

The problems with drinking the water in Mexico break down into three separate concerns. First, any time you get away from the water you're used to, your body will have to adapt. In the United States, going from one state to another . or even from one city to another . can result in water that tastes different, smells different and has different trace elements. The changes are even more pronounced when you go to another country, particularly a country like Mexico.

The second is that sanitation standards are very different in Mexico than what we take for granted here in the United States. Much of the land is rural and the amenities we're used to simply don't exist. Where you live, the water is probably regularly tested and treated for purity. While Mexico is working to improve this situation, their water testing and treatment facilities can't match our own. Until this situation is fully resolved, drinking the water in Mexico may expose you to a number of different biological and chemical impurities.

Finally, the pipes that transport the water in Mexico are also a concern. Many of the pipes are made from poorer quality materials than what we're used to. Small leaks into the pipes are also a common concern, as they have the potential to introduce foreign contaminants into the water supply. In addition, sewage pipes and water pipes are often found close together, leading to potential cross contamination. Even the Mexican people boil their water before using it . choose bottled water or use water filtration systems if you don't want to deal with this hassle.

However, to address these problems, some of the larger and more expensive hotels have installed their own water filtration systems. But before you drink the water in any facility, inquire about water filtration and ask how often the filtered water is tested. The answers to these questions will help you determine whether the water is safe to drink.

You'll also want to consider other potential sources of water contamination, including letting water get in your mouth while you shower or brush your teeth, using ice cubes in your drinks and ingesting fruits or vegetables that aren't peeled or cooked before being served. Use bottled water to brush your teeth . spitting out the water you rinse with it isn't sufficient. Ask for no ice in your beverage, unless you've previously verified that the water used is filtered and tested for purity. Avoid salads and uncooked salsas unless you know what kind of water has been used for washing everything. Finally, choose fruits you can peel and vegetables that have been cooked . you'll be glad you did.

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