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Cancun FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Cancun

Cancun FAQs

How do I get to Cancun?

- You can swim, jog, bike, drive or fly, but we recommend flying. There are direct flights into the Cancun International Airport (CUN) from many major cities in North America, Central America, South America and Europe. It is also possible to reach Cancun by flying into Cozumel and taking ferry and bus transportation into Cancun. However, this method is inadvisable unless the Cozumel flight offers savings of $100 or more versus the Cancun flight which is unlikely since generally it's much cheaper to fly into Cancun.

Are there any catches with Cancun all-inclusive hotels?

- In short, no. You really do get all the food you can eat and alcohol you can drink along with your room all tips included for your quoted rate. The quoted rate generally includes accomodations for two people. If you're planning on cramming in 3 or more, there will be additional fees.

What is the average temperature in Cancun?

- The climate in Cancun is very tropical. Average highs in the summer peak to 90 while average highs in the "winter" are around 80. Lows in the summer are around 75 while lows in the winter can get into the mid- to upper-60s.

What is the cost of a taxi from the airport to most major resort locations?

- You can expect to pay around $20-$40 one-way from the airport to your resort depending on what part of the city you're staying in. Charter a car in the airport after you claim your bags. Do not try to hail a taxi from the street.

Is the tap water safe to drink in Cancun?

- It is not recommended that you drink the tap water in Cancun. Tip your bellman who helps you carry your bags up and tell him you'd like him to bring up a ton of bottles of water. Most service workers in Cancun don't readily expect tips so they're easily motivated when someone does finally tip them. Another idea is to visit a nearby convenience store and stock up on bottles of water.

Are my United States Dollars accepted for transactions in Cancun?

- Most businesses will accept USD but they'll usually give you change in pesos and try to rip you off in the process. If you're planning on making several cash transactions during your trip, it's probably advisable to convert USD to pesos at the airport and just use pesos for all your purchases. The money you'll lose in the conversion is probably less than the money you'll lose by having businesses round up in their favor all week when making change in a different currency.

Is Cancun a family-friendly destination?

- Yes and no. You're certainly free to choose Cancun for your family destination. Plenty of people do. However, there are certainly more family-friendly places to choose from as Cancun has a pretty strong emphasis on partying and nightlife.

Do I need a passport to visit Cancun?

- Yes, you need a passport to visit Mexico.

How far away is Cancun from other popular resort destinations like Cozumel or Playa del Carmen?

- Playa del Carmen is about a 45-50 minute bus ride away from Cancun. The bus ride costs around $7-$10 per person. Tell a transportation attendant inside the airport that you want the bus to Playa. Cab drivers will lie and tell you there is no such bus in hopes of driving you themselves and making an arm and a leg in the process. To reach Cozumel from Cancun, you take a bus to Playa del Carmen then ride a ferry over to Cozumel. This ferry ride takes another 45-50 minutes and will cost around $12-$15. As you can see, flying into Cancun to reach Cozumel is really only worth it if you're saving $100 or more on airfare.

Can I charter a fishing boat/parasailing/jet ski while in Cancun?

- Yes. All of these activities can be had in Cancun.

Can I surf in Cancun?

- You can try, but don't expect to find world-class waves. Cuba absorbs most big waves so good waves in Cancun are few and far between.

Is Cancun safe?

- Cancun is very safe. However, that doesn't mean you should abandon all common sense. Remember that you're in a foreign country and use good judgment when venturing away from your resort.

Should I stay at an all-inclusive resort or regular resort?

- It depends. All-inclusive resorts are great if you're looking for total relaxation and are okay with the notion of remaining at your resort for the majority of your stay. However, if you're hoping to be out and about, do a lot of sightseeing, and explore the Cancun nightlife, a standard hotel might be more fitting.

Should I rent a car in Cancun?

- You can rent a car if you are 21 years of age or older in Cancun. However, a car rental is not usually necessary unless you're planning on traveling around outside of Cancun. The tourist area of Cancun itself is small enough to walk to most places or just take a cab.

Will most businesses accept my credit card in Cancun?

- Yes. Cancun is a city built on tourist dollars and they've taken every step to ensure they can get their hands on these dollars any way you care to give them over.

What are the beaches in Cancun like?

- The water is a gorgeous blue and the sand is fluffy and mostly white. Many beaches in Cancun are small since each resort maintains a private beach reserved only for their customers. Cancun is known more for its nightlife and party atmosphere and is not really one of the top beach vacation spots in Mexico.

Is the food good at all-inclusive resorts?

- All-inclusive resorts aren't known for their fine dining. The food isn't bad and it's certainly edible, but it might be wise to leave your high standards for food at home.

Are there casinos in Cancun?

- Casinos are illegal in Cancun. Some resorts have casino nights or slot machines where your prizes are resort credits or discounts off of future trips.

What time zone is Cancun in?

Cancun is on Central Time.

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