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Luxury Bahamas Hotels
For The Best Island Vacations

The Bahamas ---the sound of these words alone conjures images of paradise. And what better way to enjoy this tropical haven than by staying in luxury Bahamas hotels?

Listed below are three of the best accommodations that the Bahamas has to offer

Luxury Bahamas Hotels

Atlantis Paradise IslandAtlantis Paradise Island (Nassau)

Going to the Atlantis on Paradise Island is really a family affair. A destination in itself, it’s a place where kids can just be kids and the adults can relive their sense of curiosity and adventure…and laugh a little ( or a lot ) along the way.

It’s the peak of Caribbean leisure entertainment including a casino, 35 restaurants, a ballroom, water activities, swimming pools, waterfalls, fountains and swimming lagoons---this is the ultimate water world.

A truly entertaining and interesting place, but that said, with hundreds of kids and adults having a good time ( read screaming ) , don’t expect 24 hours of peace and quiet...

One and Ocean ClubOne and Ocean Club (Nassau)

The One And Ocean Club can easily be described as busy Paradise Island’s most romantic sanctuary.

If you prefer some privacy and can’t stand the all too familiar mayhem that the Atlantis Paradise island can so easily be, go to the One and Ocean Club and if you’ve got kids who really must go to The Atlantis, don’t worry as a shuttle bus is available everyday.

The resorts villas and suites are nestled in a Versailles garden design. For the slightly higher price than you pay at the Atlantis, you do get luxury service (and even have your own personal butler!)

Tiamo Resort
(Andros Island)

Located on Bahamas’ Andros Island, Tiamo resort remains largely uncharted territory and is a great place to get away from the hectic pace of life.

An eco-friendly resort, this is not the place for partying but for those who long for a place of relaxation, for solitude, and for lots of lazy days by the beach.

The Tiamo Resort staff are well known for treating their guests like royalty. With only 11 rooms and maximum guests of 22, they can afford to shower you all the attention you need to give you that intimate resort feel.

  • Not a good place to go for families with young children.

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