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Luxury Caribbean Yacht Charters

There are three popular destinations for luxury yacht charter holidays in the Caribbean: The Virgin Islands, The Leewards Islands and The Windward Islands

These Eastern Caribbean islands offer the best sailing opportunities, providing both novice and master sailors just the perfect cruising ground.

Top Three Destinations For Caribbean Yacht Charters

The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands offer the perfect yacht charter holidays especially for first time sailors.

The sea is often calm and the islands are very near each other that cruising between harbors lasts for only a short period of time.

The Virgin Islands also offer a uniquely different ambiance that caters to a wide range of interests – from the USVI’s busy atmosphere to the BVI’s quiet coves and hideaways.

The Leeward Islands

The Leeward Islands include the islands of St. Martin, Dominica, Antigua, St. Barts, and Anguilla among others.

The sea can be a bit rough in this area and harbors are far between. Because of this, yacht charter holidays in the Leeward Islands is best for the more experienced (unless this is the kind of yacht charter you’re looking for!).

One of the positive things about the Leeward Islands though is that the visits to the different islands can be very rewarding as lifestyles and cultures of the different islands are very unique.

The Windward Islands

Four of the Windward Islands more popular destinations include Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada.

If cruising the Virgin Islands is too easy and the Leeward Islands are too rough for you, a luxury yacht charter vacation in the Windward Islands may just be your cup of tea. The sea is not as rough here as the Leewards and there is also the choice of sailing between nearer islands or the ones farther apart from each other.

The islands are also just as enchanting as the other two destinations mentioned above which are marked by lots of lush forests and secluded coves.

Top Brokers For Luxury Caribbean Yacht Charter Companies

It’s not always easy to choose a specific boat for a crewed yacht charter holiday.

But you need not worry about all the planning as there’s an easy way out. Find a reputable yacht charter broker and pass the burden on to him/her. At no cost to you at all!

Listed below are top yacht brokers in the Caribbean

Stewart Yacht Charters
This husband and wife team specializes in yacht charters in the Virgin Islands and have offered memorable yacht charters to many.

Ph. 1-800-432-6118 |
Fax. 1-340-775-1358 |

Ed Hamilton
Ed Hamilton used to work for The Moorings which is one of the Caribbean’s more prestigious yacht charter companies.

His company has been voted as one of the best travel agents in the US by Conde Nast Magazine

Phone: Call Toll Free 1-800-621-7855 in the Continental U.S. & Canada
(207) 882-7855
Fax: (207) 882-7851

Sherry Yates
Sherry Yates is a seasoned sailor and her yacht charter company makes sure that all yachts they recommend meet a certain level of quality that both seasoned and novice sailors would appreciate in a yacht.

Toll free: (866) 994-7245
Local: 970-871-6002
Fax: 970-871-1848

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