Recommendations For The Best Tropical Island Vacations

Inexpensive Vacation Spots
In Mediterranean Destinations

It’s not necessary to travel to Asia or South America to experience beautiful islands at an affordable price.

The following inexpensive vacation spots in Mediterranean destinations are not necessarily the cheapest but they are very affordable compared to the rest of the continent.

Obviously to keep prices down most of the following islands are not over run with tourists.

1. Paxos, Greece

One of the Ionian Islands, Paxos is small quaint and quiet.

Scattered with whitewashed Greek villages this is a great island for long walks through abundant olive groves which, incidentally are used to make what locals claim is the best olive oil in the region.

Beaches are pebbly rather than sandy but over great snorkeling in crystal clear waters. The only down side to this island really is an influx of tourists over the weekend but this is not over powering and as long as you’re not looking for a great variety of things to do and see, you can’t really go wrong on this peaceful little island

2. Losinj, Croatia

Losinj is one of the more popular Croatian islands due to its lush green vegetation and a harbor reputed to me the most beautiful in the Adriatic.

Losinj draws also include good beaches and, for the more active among you, some great windsurfing. A nice daytrip away is to the nearby island of Susok. Susak is a tiny island and has a population of only 200 with their own dialect and distinct dress.

3. Buyukada, Turkey

Just a ferry ride from Istanbul but a world away.

This is an island where time really does seem to have stood still and where nothing happens quickly. Perhaps its most interesting feature is the fact that no cars are allowed on the island and all transportation is by horse and carriage, called Phaeton in the local language.

As would be expected from a Turkish island, seafood is good and fresh. A nice expedition is to an ancient hilltop monastery and its accompanying views. Ask for directions to Aytous Nikolas, Buyukada’s sandy beaches, pine tree forests and elegant 19th century houses make it a popular escape for the wealthy of Istanbul

4. Madeira, Portugal

Obviously most famous for its wine, Madeira (often known as the pearl of the Atlantic) with its mountainous interior and rugged coast is also great for those looking for a warm sunny climate (obv season dependant), good walking, fantastic views along with camping and fishing opportunities.

The beaches, while not sandy, are also plentiful. A ‘Levada walk” takes you along paths originally running besides the canals that used to provide the transport round the island. Now, they provide great walking through vineyards and sugar cane plantations whilst offering great views of the surrounding countryside.

This island is slightly more pricy than the rest in the list but shouldn’t break the bank

5. Mallorca, Spain

The largest of the Balearic Islands, you might be surprised to see it listed under inexpensive vacation spots in the Mediterranean due to its high profile tourist industry.

However staying away from the north and east coasts where most of the tourist resorts are and instead focusing on the interior and the northwest coast puts you on a different island-- one of fantastic natural beauty, olive groves, pine forests, small villages and a stunning, rugged coastline. It’s a world away from the hedonistic tourist lifestyle that you might expect from Mallorca.

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