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Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

Nature plays an important role in the allure of Costa Rica.

Ten percent of the world's biodiversity is found there, and national parks make almost twenty percent of the country. With over 750 miles of coastline and with an abundance of rivers, it is no wonder why Costa Rica is a big travel destination for travelers who enjoy sport fishing. The beautiful country is quickly becoming known as a leading sport fishing hub. It has garnered the attention of many professional fishermen, as well as of media outlets, like television stations and magazines, which are interested in sport fishing. After all, it has over 84 International Game Fishing Association (IGFA) records. There is quite a variety when it comes to the types of fish that are present in the Costa Rican waters.

Check out what you may come across during your trip to this Spanish-speaking country.

Barracuda: Among the most aggressive and smartest fish of the sea, the barracuda is found both inshore and offshore. When caught, this fish will jump high in an effort to free itself.

Blue Marlin: This is the most desirable and largest game fish. It is known for its power and high jumps. It can take many hours to get this fish into your hands. It puts up a good fight. This type of marlin is the most common in Costa Rica. It usually weighs from 150-500 pounds, but a few people have caught one weighing more than 900 pounds.

Black Marlin: Quite similar to the blue marlin, the black marlin weighs a little more. It is found in the same areas as the blue variety. They are up to 15 feet long and rather round in shape.

Dorado or Mahi-Mahi: This game fish is loved all over the Americas. Small dorados are found inshore, while the tougher and larger ones are found offshore. When they are caught, they tend to jump high in an effort to free themselves. This colorful fish makes a delicious main dish.

Roosterfish: Among the toughest fish to catch, the roosterfish is not particularly tasty. Thus, it is better to release it once caught. It can be hooked by using a popper and spinner. Most of them weigh around 30-40 pounds, but 80-pound fish are common, as well.

Sailfish: Speedy and acrobatic, the sailfish is popular on the Costa Rica sport fishing circuit. It is an abundantly available fish and is caught commonly.

Wahoo: The speediest fish in the ocean, the wahoo is evasive and difficult to catch because it travels alone rather than with a school. Nevertheless, it is found throughout the country. In order to catch this clever fish, try your luck by trolling with live bait.

Yellowfin: Among the most powerful fish, the yellowfin is a type of tuna that is all muscle. The most commonly caught tuna are rather small, but some yellowfin weighing over 300 pounds have been caught off Costa Rica.

Snapper: This popular fish that is a mealtime favorite is found at the bottom of the sea. The red snapper is the most popular, but when it comes to sport fishing the large cubera snapper is the desirable type.

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