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Cruise Lines For Honeymoon Cruises

A List Of Romantic Cruise Lines For A Special Honeymoon

Are you planning a honeymoon or a romantic cruise?

Make your holidays special by ensuring that you book cruises which specialize in generating the perfect ambiance for romantic honeymoon cruise vacations.

Listed below are cruise lines that specialize in romantic getaways at sea.

Princess Cruises

Princess CruisesThe line used for the the T.V series, Love Boat, Princess cruises focus on a honeymoon cruise which is relaxed and individualized. This means that customers make a personal choice as to what activities to engage in and which dining choices they prefer.

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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity CruisesCelebrity cruises prides itself on its 2:1 guest to staff ratio. It focuses on providing glamour and style to the customer who wants to get away from it all.

Its’ AquaSpa by Elemis has many different kinds of spa treatments that are some of the best in the industry. These tropical cruises also have broadway style productions and Monte carlo style casinos.

Family cruising activities are available on all sailing ships, but there are also cruises which sail several times a year exclusively for adults. i.e. those from 21 years and up

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Holland America Line

Holland America LineHolland America Line has received the World's Best Cruise Value Award from Ocean & Cruise News. With 130 years of cruising experience behind them, Holland America line does offer the finest cruising experience.

Apart from the usual on-board entertainment such as Vegas style shows, casinos, and world class dining, Holland America line also offers an extensive range of cruise tour packages for on-shore adventures that will make your honeymoon cruise a date to remember.

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Orient Lines

Orient LinesThe first class amenities on board are not the only things that make Orient lines such special ships. Orient lines cruises, as well as usually being much longer than your normal cruise, also specialize in tours onshore and these shore excursions are generally enriching cultural experiences.

Orient lines also have guest lecturers on board where you can learn more about topics such as science,

history, journalism, politics, and diplomacy. There are no activities for children on board.

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Oceania Cruises

Oceania CruisesCountry club ambiance on board intimate luxury ships. Many of Oceania cruises’ boats are mid sized and therefore do not have the hectic busy atmosphere of biggers ships.

On board entertainment includes a library, boutiques,a museum, lounges, guest lecturers, shows,a spa,a casino,a fitness center and much more.

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