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Dubai Underwater Hotel

When it comes to building unique feats of architecture, leave the job to Dubai.

This new underwater hotel project is on the same league ( or perhaps a newer much better league) as the 7 star Burj Al Arab, the world's (only?) 7 star hotel.

I like the idea, but I can only wonder whether nor not claustrophobics like me will ever get that same knotty feeling whenever we're in such an enclosed space (and an underwater one at that!!!)

From the sound of it, it seems to be much like a luxurious space station come Japanese comics come year 3000 architectural design.

While Burj Al Arab's royal welcome is a Rolls Royce airport pick up, the Hydropolis will up the notch a little by meeting you in a multi level land station (which also doubles as a restaurant, shopping center, surgical clinic and more... ) where you will then be taken to the main hotel via an underwater train route.

The hotel is still under construction and is scheduled to be completed in 2008.

So while they're out looking for more private investors to finance this 500 million dollar project, we've got 2 years to save some money for that whopping $5500 USD/day hotel accommodation. : This is the official website if you want to see some more pics (and listen to scary music!)

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