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Top 5 Vacation Spots In Egypt

Must See Attractions To Include In Your Egypt Vacation Packages

Anyone planning to book a vacation package to Egypt should consider these top 5 spots in their travel itinerary.


Old Cairo EgyptOk Cairo's a big bustling city which can seem overpowering at first but it’s also an incredibly culturally rich one. You have the Egyptian museum with its extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities, the highlight of which is King Tut’s golden death mask.

Also the Khan El Khalili, an incredible street market with a maze of small streets, shops and stalls housing EVERTHING from drums to spices, to knives, to electrical goods.

And finally, no trip to Cairo is complete without at least sampling its café culture. Good strong Egyptian coffee, a sheesha (the Egyptian hubbly bubbly pipe) and a game of the national pastime, backgammon.

The Sinai

Sinai EgyptThis desert region is dotted with resort towns on its red sea coast, Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh being two of the most popular for cheap holidays in Egypt.

If you want a beach holiday included in your Egyptian vacation package, then The Sinai is a must-visit. The region boasts good beaches and good swimming. A magnificent coral reef also gives diving and snorkeling that aficionados consider second only to the barrier reef, and not a distant second at that.

You also have the option of taking a camel trek into the Sinai if sleeping under a desert moon is your thing and many people choose to do an overnight trek to the peak of mount Sinai (of Moses and the tablets fame.)

The Pyramids (including the sphinx)

Pyramids EgyptThe only remaining wonder of the ancient world is, of course, a must-see Egyptian attraction.

Located at Giza, about an hours drive from Cairo, the only decision you really have to make is whether to allow your hotel to organize your trip or strike out on your own.

Generally I prefer to take trips like this on my own but on reflection and after experiencing solo travel to the pyramids myself, I recommend getting your hotel to arrange it simply in order to avoid the unwanted attentions of the merchants, camel renters, beggars and thieves that you’ll encounter at the sight.


Luxor EgyptSouth of Cairo on the banks of the Nile, this quietish city holds several attractions including Nile boat trips and a tour to both the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens.

As you’d imagine this is where the bodies of ancient Kings and Queens were buried and are impressively large sites. I liked Luxor and had a peaceful hassle-free few days there.



Aswan EgyptOne of the driest inhabitable spots of earth this is a popular destination for both overseas and homegrown tourists alike. Its attraction lies in its easygoing atmosphere, stunning setting on the banks of the Nile, palm groves, Elephantine Island and huge dam.

If you have any stories or tips about the top spots for Egypt vacation packages, , we would love to know more about them. Click here to send us your story.


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