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Florida Everglades Airboat Rides

One of the main attractions in Florida’s Everglades is the airboat ride.

And if the main reason you’re visiting the park is to see alligators in their natural habitat, an airboat ride is a tour that you will enjoy

Everglades Airboat
Photo By Omerka

Where To Find An Everglade Airboat Ride Company:

There are many airboat companies from the various entry points of the Everglades: Everglades City, Florida City, Shark Valley. So finding a company for your trip should not be a problem. (You can also book it through this site - a partnership we have with WorldChoiceTravel - Click Here "hint hint")

Tours usually last for 30 minutes but some take you deeper into The Everglades and last as long as 2.5 hours.

Florida airboat rides vary from budget to the more luxurious private tours. So depending on your own travel requirements, you might want to know the following information when making a reservation:

  • How many hours the airboat tour is
  • The maximum number of people on the boat
    ( you could ask for special private tours, if desired )
  • Which parts of the Everglades you will be visiting and what you can expect to see
    (There is a set route in most of these tours, usually going to where the alligators are sunning and lazing around, but if you wish to see other parts of the Everglades, ask the tour operator if they can accommodate this)
Important Things You Need To Know About Airboat Rides

arrow An airboat tour is not exactly the quietest of tours. It is a unique way to explore the area but it is a very noisy transportation.

So don’t expect a serene calm exploration (you’ll most likely be provided earphones though, so that helps a little bit)

arrow Make sure you have mosquito repellants.

An Alternative To Florida Airboat Tours

For those of you who can’t stand the noise that airboats make or the idea that they are not environmentally friendly, an alternative way to explore The Everglades is by a canoe –definitely a much more peaceful way of exploring the park. And for nature lovers, more fulfilling.

Tomorrow, I'm going to write about airboat rides in Orlando.

For more information about exploring the Everglades, visit this website

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