Recommendations For The Best Tropical Island Vacations

Secluded Islands For Exotic Getaways

This is the first page of three parts. On this part of the website, I feature some of the best spots for exotic getaways in Secluded islands.

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Top Secluded Island Getaways

Bora Bora Nui ResortBora Bora

One of the French Polynesia’s exotic secluded islands, it is specially famous for its amazing lagoon which you will not miss the moment you land on the island (make sure you arrive in the early morning to catch the sunrise as your plane descends---breathtaking!)

But even more than that, it is also a haven to many marine animals and offers some of the best beaches and dive sites.

It’s also an exotic romantic getaway. So this island appeals to couples on honeymoons or celebrating their anniversaries.

Best Time Go To Bora Bora
June to November offers the best weather in Bora Bora with the average temperature of 27 degrees.

How to Get To Bora Bora
To get to Bora Bora, you need to take a flight to Faa’a International Airport in Papeete ( Tahiti ). From there, you can travel by domestic flight to Bora Bora which takes about 45 minutes or if you can afford it, you can charter a helicopter.

There are also ferries that span Papeete & Bora Bora on regular ( and not so regular ) schedules.

More On Bora Bora

Koh SamuiKoh Samui, Thailand

Still not as overly developed as Phuket, Koh Samui is a perfect exotic getaway in Thailand.

It is also blessed with white sand and secluded beaches and offers some hot night life. It’s proximity to Koh Phangan ( for the full moon party ) and Koh Tao ( diving paradise ) is a big plus.

Best Time To Go
Koh Samui is a year-round destination, but it is coolest from the month of January – February. The wet season from October – December may bring occasional rain showers and tropical storms.

Cool Weather Temperature : 25 – 28 degrees celsius
Hot Season : 30 – 35 degrees celsius

How To Get To Koh Samui

  • There are direct flights by Bangkok Airways to Koh Samui .
  • Thai Airways also flies to Surat Thani, the province Koh Samui belongs to. From the airport, you can take a bus and then a ferry to Koh Samui
  • There are trains that go to Surat thani from Bangkok. You then need to take a bus ( about an hour ) to the pier.
  • The ferry from Suratthani to Koh Samui takes about 1.5 hours.

For Thailand train schedules, Click Here

Sheraton Fiji ResortFiji

Fiji has the best of everything from white sand beaches and coral reefs, to tropical rainforests, adventure sports, and exotic culture.

You can be as laid-back or as active as you want when on an island holiday in exotic Fiji.

Best Time To Go For An Exotic Island Getaway
With its tropical climate ( and rain showers that don’t last very long ), visiting at any time of the year is not a problem. However, May – October which is the coolest time of the year is when the tourist season peaks.

There are possibilities of typhoons from January - February
Temperature : 26 – 31 degrees celsius

How To Get To Fiji
There are two international airports in Fiji: In Nadi (NAN ), and SuvaIn Nausori (NAO ). Most Intl flights land on Nadi in Vite Levu ( the main island.) Most flights depart from Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Canada, Tokyo, Hong Kong.

For info on flight schedules as well as for an idea as to which airways go to Fiji and from which airports, click here

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