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Exotic Tropical Vacations - The Caribbean

Some Of The Best Places For Exotic Tropical Vacations In The Caribbean Islands

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Tropical Vacations In Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago offer the best of two worlds: Trinidad is hip, cosmopolitan and vibrant, while Tobago offers a more sedate lifestyle with the peace & quiet of its rainforests to explore.

The people, a collection of Europeans, Africans, Indians and Asians makes this island all the more interesting and perfect for exotic tropical vacations.

Each group’s different cultures, intermingling with each other has created a unique society that only Trinidad & Tobago can boast of.

Exotic CaribbeanThings To Do In Trinidad & Tobago

  • Go during a festival and party the night away.
  • Go birdwatching or if that doesn’t interest you, a walk in the jungle
  • Snorkeling and Diving



Curacao is one of the islands of the Netherland Antilles’ ABC islands ( Aruba, Bonaire ) .

With an interesting mix of people with rich traditions and a fascinating history, Curacao makes for a great destination for exotic tropical vacations in the Caribbean.

It not only has white sand beaches for lazy days under the sun, but it also offers a very lively nightlife and some very fun festivals.

ButtonThings To Do For Tropical Exotic Vacations In Curacao

  • Go for a trek inside one of its national parks
  • Gear up for a canoe safari
  • Love to gamble? There are 9 casinos on the island
  • See the Hato caves
  • Visit the Shete Boka National Park
  • Swim with dolphins at the Dolphin Academy


Antigua boasts all of 365 beaches and warm tropical weather all year round. Add to that a people who go out of their way to welcome you, and you’ve got yourself an exotic tropical vacation destination that’s as care-free and as relaxing as possible.

The island is also host to one of the world’s top regattas.

ButtonThings To Do For Exotic Tropical Vacations In Antigua

• Try attending some of the retreat activities on the island
• Rent a car/taxi and explore the island
• For a breathtaking view, go to Shirley Heights
• Charter a Yacht


Grenada, teeming with plantations of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and more, is dubbed as the Caribbean’s Spice Island. But the fragrant air that pervades is only one of the reasons why the number of tourists is rising sharply on this beautiful isle.

It’s also the lush jungle surrounded by secret cove hideaways where you can laze around for some quiet beach moments.

Conversely, it’s also got busy beaches like Anse Chastanet, where the more active individuals who don't mind a busy beach can have fun.

ButtonThings To Do For Exotic Vacations In Grenada

  • Visit some spice estates
  • Explore the beautiful Grand Etang Forest Reserve
  • Take a dip at the pool of the Concord Falls
  • Take a day trip to the other nearby island, Carriacou
  • Charter a yacht
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