Recommendations For The Best Tropical Island Vacations

Exotic Vacation Spots In The Caribbean

Some Of The Best Places For Exotic Vacation Spots In The Caribbean

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Divi Southwinds Beach Resort BarbadosBritish traditions and African beliefs have been cleverly incorporated into the cultural beauty of Barbados.

100 miles of world class coral beaches, coconut plantations that stretch out as far as the eyes can see, and a tropical jungle makes it one of the top exotic Caribbean vacation spots.

But that is not all! The people of Barbados, the Barbadians, are considered to be its real gem – friendly, accommodating, and with a sense of fun and adventure. English is also the first language here, so English speaking travelers should have no problem getting around the island.

ButtonThings To Do For Exotic Vacations In Barbados

  • Rent a taxi and tour the island
  • For shopping fanatics, go to Pelican village
  • Try deep sea fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Go to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve where exotic animals mill around as you explore the area.
  • Get on a cruise
  • More About Barbados

Dominican Republic

The white sand beaches and exotic tropical jungle of the Dominican Republic is the Caribbean’s haven for all inclusive resorts. It is also the prime destination in the region for not so pricey travel deals.

The country which is part of Hispaniola island ( the other half is Haiti ), is more than anything, a very unpretentious place and the people very warm and friendly.

Staying in an all inclusive hotel always runs the risk of not really seeing the country though. So if you have time ( and the will to get off the beach ), you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful sights and the reception that the Dominican republic and its people have to offer.

Exotic Vacation SpotsThings To Do For Exotic Vacations In The Dominican Republic

  • See all the different beaches the country has to offer
  • Go for a Jeep Safari
  • Learn how to dance the Merengue
  • Rent a 4wd and explore the jungle

Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands offer some of the best beaches and sea adventures in the Caribbean. It has about 200 miles of pristine secluded beaches, the world’s 3rd largest reef and many national parks for the ecotourist to explore.

It is a prime diving destination but it is also much loved by those who just want to chill out on beautiful white sand beaches and do nothing the whole day.

ButtonThings To Do In Turks And Caicos Islands For Exotic Tropical Vacations

  • If you can afford it, stay on one on the private island resort of Parrot Cay
  • Diving and Snorkeling. And if you don’t dive or snorkel, this is the best place to try it
  • December – April : whale watching
  • Venture into their many national parks

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