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One of the easiest and less stressful ways to plan a destination wedding is by availing of wedding packages that hotels offer.

And if you’re planning to hold this special day in one of the Pacific Islands, I recommend Fiji resort weddings.

Listed below are some of the resorts in Fiji which have their own wedding planner who can assist you in planning your ideal tropical island wedding.

Shangri La Fijian Resort

Weddings in Shangri La Fiji are bound to be very private as the resort is located on its own island. Here, you can have your wedding in a small chapel by the beach surrounded by lush gardens. This chapel is a dreamy location with glass windows offering a spectacular view of the sea.

If a chapel wedding is not what you want for your Fiji resort wedding, you can easily choose an outside venue such as the Reef Point, Takali Beach or Takali Cabana.

Wedding Package: From $1515 + 12.5% vat

Maravu Plantation Resort

Maravu Plantation Resort is one of Fiji’s most luxurious accommodations acclaimed by many for its breathtaking surrounding and excellent service. Wedding packages in this resort are just as opulent as its reputation.

You can easily choose where you want to hold your wedding in the resort which can either be by the beach or the pool. Should you decide to hold it somewhere else in Fiji, such as in the jungle, the resort can arrange that as well.

Wedding Packages in Maravu Plantation Resort starts at $750 USD + tax. However, if you stay for 5 nights or more in selected accommodation, the wedding package is free of charge.

The Wellesley Resort Fiji

Weddings in Fiji’s The Wellesley Resort are most romantic by the beach although there are other locations that you can also choose from.

Wedding Packages start at $1150 plus tax while catering menus start at $45 USD

Turtle Island Resort

If you’re looking to hold your Fiji resort wedding at the same location where The Blue Lagoon was filmed, that’s Turtle Island Resort.

This 5 star accommodation in Fiji which has constantly garnered awards as one of the archipelago’s top romantic hideaways should make your wedding day a very memorable one.

Wedding packages at Turle Island Resort start at 2500 USD + tax. Only one wedding per week is allowed so make sure you make the necessary arrangements. Or if you want to go over the top (and have the cash to back it up), you can also rent the whole island for $275,000/week.

Vatulele Island Resort

Hold your wedding day in one of the world’s best island resort which is often referred to as the most outstanding “barefoot luxury” accommodation. This is a place where 19 guests are catered to and pampered by 111 staff –your every whim satisfied.

And with the absence of phones, tvs, newspapers or shoes, you will undoubtedly be transported to a different time and place where your only concern is spending precious time with your new husband/wife.

Weddings at Vatulele Island Resort are very exclusive and live up to its reputation of luxury at its very best. Weddings are limited to only 3/month. Rates start at $3375 (including tax)

Other Places For Fiji Resort Weddings

  • Matangi Island Resort
    A popular resort for weddings. Packages start at $1300 USD
  • Wadigi Island Resort
    If you want to rent a whole island for your Fiji resort wedding for less than Turtle Island resort’s rates, try pristine Wadigi Island resort.

The island charter starts at $2100/day for 2 persons with the other guests rates from 675 USD/per person. The only catch is only 6 people can stay on the resort as there are only 3 suites.

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