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The Best Greek Island Vacation Spots

Holiday Ideas In The Mediterranean

In more ways than one, the best Greek island vacation spots have always captured the hearts of many sun-longing travelers. True, it is blessed with beautiful beaches that many of us expect from about an island. But apart from this, Greek islands also offer a wide concoction of interests from 24/7 parties to secluded island escapes

Top Greek Island Vacation Spots

The Island Of Santorini

As you look at Santorini’s caldera and the torquoise sea in the distance, you’ll find it difficult not to fall in love with and in Santorini. No wonder it’s one of the world’s top romantic destinations.

For anyone who loves beautiful architecture, “colorful” scenery and unique landscapes, Santorini is without a doubt a feast for the eyes.

Santorini is most popular as a honeymoon getaway and a wedding destination.

Important Points To Remember:

  • If you’ve got money to blow and you want to stay in a town known for its sunsets and its spectacular ambiance, go to Oia – it’s reasonably quiet for a tourist destination but be prepared for a sudden rush of tourists as the sun sets.
  • Fira oozes with activity. So if you’re the type of person who longs for night long bars, unique shopping experience and the company of other travelers, you’ll love Fira.

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The Island Of Mykonos

If you’re off to party in Greece, to shop in some of Europe’s most fashionable shops or to brush shoulders with the rich and the famous, the island of Mykonos is without a doubt, one of the best Greek island vacation spots.

Tips :

  • Looking for a quiet beach in Mykonos? Get away from the more popular beaches in the North part of the island and drive to the South beaches completely different atmosphere!
  • For a change of ambiance or a short history lesson, visit Delos Island about 30 minutes by boat from Mykonos

The Island Of Patmos

Patmos’ history has clearly defined the whole atmosphere of the island. It’s impossible to step off your boat on to the island without feeling a bit serene and peaceful. It’s almost like setting foot on holy ground. Well, that is after all what it is.

  • Known as the place where the book of revelations was written by St. John.

Things to Do:

  • Must do: visit the monastery of St. John
  • Walk around the village of Hora and have a bite to eat or a drink in one of the café’s in town.
  • Visit the village of Chora. Amazing scenery!
  • Looking for a beach to get some of that Greek island sun and air? Go to Kambos beach if you want a busy beach. This is also the most convenient with lots of tavernas and water sports based activities such as windsurfing. If you feel a bit adventurous, you can also try the quieter beaches around the island. Make sure you’ve got your own packed lunch as a restaurant may be a bit far from these places.
  • If you have enough time on your hands (and if you can manage a moped), rent one and and explore the island. An experience you’ll treasure.
  • Relax

Rhodes Island

The island of Rhodes is one of Europe’s best island destinations and definitely one of the best spots for Greek island vacations. It is an island for all types of travelers – want 24 hour nightlife? Want amazing shopping opportunities? Longing for idyllic beaches? Breathtaking architecture? Rich history? Greece’s Rhodes Island will never fail you.

Things to do In Rhodes Island

  • Lindos town – a lovely town known for the Acropolis. Have your best shoes ready as it’s a long walk to the top of the acropolis. But well worth it! Have your camera ready
  • Rhodes town: Go to the Old Town. Very pretty with its medieval atmosphere. A world heritage site.

The Best Time To Visit These Spots For Your Greek Island Vacations

The summer months which more or less include the months of June, July, August, September and October are when tourists from all over the world flock to the best Greek island vacation spots.

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