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Grenada And Carriacou West Indies

Grenada and its smaller sister island of Carriacou in the West Indies offer Caribbean island life but in a less touristically developed manner than many other islands in the region.

Grenada, often known as the spice island due to its abundance of nutmeg, mace, cinnamon, ginger and cloves, the smell of which permeate the air, is layed back and relaxed. Carriacou, even more so.

Grenada and Carriacou offer fantastic natural beauty, gorgeous waterfalls, incredible beaches and great snorkeling and diving. Truly places to kick back and soak up the island way of life.

Getting around

Actually a pretty big choice. You can travel both the islands by taxi or bus. There's a ferry from Grenada to Carriacou and water taxis go regularly to and from St Georges to Grand Anse. You can, of course, also rent your own car.

Getting there

Grenada possesses an international airport, so no problem there. Carriacou is only slightly more problematic. You can travel by plane from Grenada to Carriacou airport several times a day or as mentioned above, by ferry.


There are basically two seasons on Grenada and Carriacou, wet and dry. The wet season is from June to December and the dry season when the islands are cooled by trade winds runs from January to May. The coolest months are November and December. Worth bearing in mind that even in the wet season it only very rarely rains all day.

Things To Do And See

  • St George's , the capital of Grenada, is one of the most beautiful towns in the Caribbean and is centered on a pretty harbor. You'll probably be staying in or near a beach but make sure to visit this lovely town.
  • The beaches , plenty of these! Just as you'd imagine with white sands and towering palms. The most famous beach on Grenada is called Grand Anse- 2 kilometers of palm trees, warm waters, water sports and fine white sands. Being the most famous it is also the most popular and you might want to find a quieter one such as Morne Rouge Bay.
  • On Carriacou, Anse La Rouche and Paradise are fine beaches worthy of a trip. Actually, “fine” doesn't do them justice. They are some of the best beaches around.
  • White island Marine Park
    This spot on quiet Carriacou Island offers fantastic snorkeling in a secluded spot. Plenty of coral and plenty of fish
  • Annadall Falls
    This is a 30 foot waterfall with cool clear waters. Although this spot is very popular with tourists and hence often a little crowded, it really is worth visiting to admire the falls and also to take a refreshing dip in its pool
  • High North Peak
    The highest spot on Carriacou Island at almost 1000feet, the peak offers panoramic views, and the trek to the top a chance to see some of Carriacou's abundant wildlife.
  • Fort George
    Built on Grenada in 1705 this old French fort offers great views of the island.
  • Grand Etang National park
    A good spot for walking or trekking into the lush green countryside of Grenada's central highlands, it has a beautiful mountain lake at its very center. Most walks start from the lake and loop back around.
  • Old Plantation Houses
    The plantations are mostly gone but Carriacou remains littered, well sprinkled, with fantastic old plantation houses.

Grenada and Carriacou are great spots for relaxing holidays away from more touristy islands such as Jamaica, but still with enough things to see and do to keep even the most active holiday goers busy.

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