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Guide To Curacao

Are you a fan of tropical island paradises with a flair for pastel architecture and a decidedly Dutch touch to societal atmosphere? If so, then there is a certain tropical island paradise that is likely just your cup of tea. It is one of the islands in a triple crown group of Carribean gems known as the ABC Islands, which also include Aruba and Bonaire. This tropical island wonder is known as Curacao.

The island of Curacao is rather conveniently located in an area known for its wonderful weather, considering that it is beyond the .hurricane zone. of the Carribean Sea. This makes for wonderful vacation weather that should make for a better island adventure around the year. Curacao is located rather close to Venezuela and shares a similarly warm climate, yet is actually considered a Dutch island and is thus administered by the Netherlands. Curacao features a native language that is supposedly a rather amazing blend of English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, African dialects, and even more. Thankfully almost everyone on Curacao speaks English, so English speaking tourists should be able to get around relatively easily. The island also features an international airport on its north side, which makes it relatively easy to actually get to Curacao. Some Carribean cruise ships also include Curacao on their itinerary, so this is another option for those on a full Carribean tour.

The beaches on Curacao are numerous, although mainly found on the south and southwestern coast. One of these is a beach known as .Alice In Wonderland. to locals, and more formally as Playa Kalki. Playa Kalki is a known spot for diving and snorkeling, and equipment for both is available for rental. Playa Lagun is a more secluded bay that is located toward the western side of the island. This cove features a small sandy beach located on a rectangular bay with high cliffs on either side. There is plenty of coral reef in this area for snorkelers to enjoy. Kontiki Beach is located near the island town of Willemstad. Kontiki Beach features an array of services, including restaurant, bar, and rental options for aquatic sports. Mambo Beach is located next to Kontiki Beach and is particularly well known for its nightlife scene.

The local currency of Curacao is the Dutch Guilder, although the US Dollar and Euro are also accepted by many island locations. ATM machines are also readily available for easy access to funds on the island. The exchange rate is generally based on the US Dollar and it is wise to be aware of currency exchange rates prior to changing money at a place of business on the island. Curacao is certainly more of a destination for those looking for a Carribean isle with a European atmosphere and plenty of amenities. It is better for those happy with sipping a caféatte by the beach, rather than those looking for a jungle adventure.

Enjoy the Carribean gem of Curacao and its delightfully Dutch architecture. It can certainly make for a pleasant holiday.

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