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Haikou, China - Hainan Island's Capital City

Haikou is Hainan island’s bustling capital. It is where most flights arrive and where business travelers go to combine business with a little bit of pleasure

As a commercial center, Haikou is not usually visited for its beaches as the island’s other city, Sanya overshadows it with world famous Yalong Bay which is more often than not the prime destination of many travelers.

Yet Haikou has a charm of its own and if you explore the places away from the busy part of the city, you will undoubtedly find a tropical beach getaway.

  • The weather is generally cooler in Haikou. Great during the summer but not so during the winter as it can go to as low as 16 degrees Celsius ( not exactly a day out on the beach temp )

Most flights and ferries arrive in Haikou. The train that leaves Guangzhou also arrives at Haikou’s port.

Hotels In Haikou

For Haikou Hainan hotels, we recommend Hainan Mandarin Hotel for luxury and business travelers in the city center and the Crowne Plaza Hainan Spa & Beach Resort for those who wish to get away from the busy city center on to a beautiful beach and a relaxing hideaway

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1) Tropical Island Vacation Resorts
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