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Travel Hainan Island, China - An Introduction

China’s Hainan island (Hainan Dao ) is undoubtedly the country’s top tropical retreat and beach destination. It is located in the China Sea and probably most well known as the site for the Miss World Pageant.

Hainan island is also known for its white sand beaches and year round tropical weather and is fondly referred to by the Chinese as Asia’s very own Hawaii.

Most people who visit Hainan end up in either Sanya the capital or Haikou where most tourist developments and resorts are.

Best Time To Go To Hainan Island

Hainan Island enjoys a tropical weather that ranges from as low as 16 degrees during the winter months to 30 degrees in the summer.

For your reference, some important info about Hainan’s weather is listed below.

  • Hainan’s tourist season is from October to March.
  • There are possibilities of typhoons during the months of October to March
  • The hottest month is July
  • Of the two major destinations, Sanya enjoys a warmer more tropical climate

For the weather forecast, visit China’s Meteorological center

I. Going To Hainan Dao - Flights To Sanya & Haikou

A. Overview
Hainan island can be easily reached by plane from various cities in Asia. There are two international airports on the island which accommodate daily flights.

These two airports are Meilan which is in Haikou and Phoenix located in Sanya.

a) Meilan Intl. Airport ( HAK )

b) Phoenix International Airport (ZJSY

  • In Yanglan town, near Sanya


B. For Hainan flight schedules and information, visit the following websites of Airlines with flights to Hainan:

a. Hainan Airlines [HU]

  • Hainan Air
  • The only airline in China in the A & B market and offers the most flights to the island
  • Flies from various cities within China
  • International flights from Japan’s Kansai Intl. airport and Osaka, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

b. China Southern Airlines ( CZ )

  • Website
  • Flies from various cities in mainland China and Hong Kong

c) Dragon Airlines ( KA )

  • Flies to and from Hong Kong

d) CR Airways

  • Flies from Hong Kong

e) Air Macau flies direct to Hainan from Macau

Note: If you can make hotel + flight reservations in your country/out of China ( including Hong Kong ), do so. The price doesn’t differ that much and it’s definitely worthwhile in order to avoid the hassle that you might get into when booking with travel agencies in China.

C. Train Schedules
There are passenger trains that run from Guangzhou to Hainan’s city of Haikou. This train goes through the Qiongzhou Straits for 12 hours with 55 minutes on a ferry. The train currently travels overnight. It leaves Guangzhou at 22:00 and arrives at Hainan Island at 10:00.

As of time of writing a one-way fare costs138 Yuans for a hard seat ticket and 138 yuans for a hard sleeper. ( very slow site and not always available )

D. Ferry
There are ferries that travel from mainland China and Guangdong to Haikou. The ferry travels from the ports of Guangzhou, Guangdong, Beihai, Qinzhou, Shenzhen and Hongkong.

E. Star Cruise
If you plan to take a boat cruise in Asia, Star Cruise’s Star Pisces travels to Haikou.

For more information, visit

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