Recommendations For The Best Tropical Island Vacations

Cambodia's Tropical Paradise


There are virtually a countless plethora of islands around the world today. Some of the most gorgeous islands are surprisingly still relatively unknown and for very good reason, as there are only a handful of people residing on such islands if the island is populated at all. As one can imagine, there is also very little in terms of accommodations for tourists and other travelers. That being said, if someone is looking for a truly pristine white beach to enjoy, with no distractions from playing in the ocean blue, then an uninhabited island is likely just the right kind of destination for a proper vacation in a blissful tropical paradise.

If a tropical island holiday in Cambodia sounds like a relatively amazing blend of words, then you are likely in for a major surprise. Many of the islands located off of the coast of southern Cambodia actually share the same Gulf of Thailand that some of Thailand's most popularly visited islands are also found in. Some travelers may even find that today's quiet treasure of Cambodia's tropical islands is remarkably similar to the legendary Thai islands prior to their boom in tourism and popularity. Should a tropical island aficionado be looking for a pre-boom Phuket or Koh Samui, then the islands of Cambodia are a wonderful discovery.

The islands of Cambodia were actually on their way to being a potential tropical tourism hub in the 1960's, prior to political events that reportedly paused any major construction on the islands for multiple decades. In the 1960's the first major hotel was constructed in the town of Sihanoukville, which is today a primary mainland hub of the Cambodian islands and the main area with any kind of extensive infrastructure. The hotel was reportedly the place where Jacqueline Kennedy stayed during her quick tour of Cambodia in 1967. Sadly, the luxurious hotel was later used for target practice in the 1970's. Today the bullet holes are no longer a visible feature and the ironically named Independence Hotel is up and running again. This and many other accommodations are now available in the area for tourists who prefer a little more luxury and a little more infrastructure.

The New York Times has reportedly dubbed this area .Asia's next trendsetting beach., so it is likely good to enjoy now before any possible trend gets going. Of particular note is Otres beach, which is a 4km stretch of gorgeous beach that features activities such as windsurfing and kayaking, in addition to the relatively popular activity of relaxing in the sunshine. Getting to more pristine island paradises is also possible by boat from Sihanoukville and this is highly recommended for eco-tourists and intrepid nature lovers.

Getting to Sihanoukville is usually done over land from Phnom Penh, which is the main city and travel hub of Cambodia. The road from Phnom Penh to the beach town is reportedly one of the smoothest in Cambodia, which is saying a lot for those unfamiliar with Cambodia's occasionally unpaved highways. Although there are not any airports with commercial plane flights to the beach town, there are helicopter flights available for anyone with lots of money to spend. The bus is likely the best bet for most people, or hiring a private taxi. That is, of course, unless you don't mind sharing a small taxi with 8 or more people for 4 hours.