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Jamaica Family Vacation Ideas

The best all inclusive family resorts and activities in Jamaica

The idea of a Jamaica family vacation may come as a surprise to some.

The island which has been more popular as a destination for those in search of a hedonistic lifestyle is not exactly on many a family’s list for the next holiday destination.

But Jamaica is without a doubt one of the more interesting & fun family getaway you can have in the Caribbean islands.

Many all inclusive family resorts and hotels have been developed recently to attract more families on a vacation. So for those of you who are looking for a fuss-free holiday, this always comes as a good option.

All Inclusive Family Resorts Or A Villa?

Jamaica now has some of the best all inclusive family resorts in the Caribbean. And for a family on a vacation, this kind of accommodation always comes heaven-sent. However, this also means that the possibility of the family not being able to explore the “real Jamaica” is very high.

If you do want to have a more flexible holiday, renting a vacation villa rental is an excellent choice. Many villas come with a cook/staff so that part of the family vacation is already sorted. This means though that your family’s entertainment rests on your shoulders. Plans for tours, family outings and the like rests on you (you can of course always hire a tour operator to do this).

The Best All Inclusive Resorts In Jamaica

Franklyn D. Resort Pebbles (Montego Bay)/
Franklyn D. Resort & Spa (Runaway Bay)

2 of the best all inclusive resorts in Jamaica

There is one thing that FDR Pebbles and FDR Resort & Spa have “perfected” that you would want to have every time you go to an all inclusive resort in Jamaica: Nannies.

Now this may seem a bit daunting at first especially if you’re not used to someone else taking care of your kids. But the FDR nannies are so well-trained, you’ll wish you could take them with you when you go back home.

Both FDR properties in Jamaica have more or less the same amenities and all inclusive packages. This basically consists of a nanny and children’s programs (toddlers-teens) with trained coordinators.

Rose Hall Resort & Country Club

An All inclusive Resort In Montego Bay

The Rose Hall Resort & Country Club is a huge all inclusive oceanfront resort that boasts of many facilities all huge resorts often come with: a golf course, a water park claimed to be the biggest in the Caribbean, a private beach and a compound that offers many opportunities for holiday activities from a fitness center to tennis courts.

So what makes this a popular resort for an all inclusive family vacation in Jamaica?

Well, the amazing water park is always a hit with the kids! With the lazy river, the swimming pools, the lagoons and the waterfalls --- the kids just couldn’t get enough of this place. And if the children are well-entertained, the adults could just so easily be enjoying their holiday as well.

This country club also has many facilities that cater to the parents’ entertainment. So that if relaxing on the beach is not enough, you can easily gear up for a more active vacation within the resort.

Starfish Trelawny Resort & Spa

A secluded all inclusive family resort in Falmouth

Starfish Trewlawny Resort & Spa is the King of All inclusive resorts in Jamaica when it comes to activities for children and adults.

And we’re not just talking about a waterpark and a beach here (which seems to be a requirement of many an all inclusive hotel in the Caribbean), we’re also talking about many activities out of the water.

And guess what? You’ll find yourself enjoying every one of them.

So what are these other special resort activities? To name a few, there are rock climbing and trapeze lessons, there’s a very entertaining nature walk activity, and a fitness center.

And if you must get wet or be near water, there’s not just the swimming pool to get gaga about. You can go water skiing, go on a hobie cat or go kayaking.

Sunset Beach Resort & Spa

The Sunset Beach Resort & Spa is an all inclusive hotel in Montego Bay Jamaica

One good thing about Sunset Beach Resort & Spa is the balanced activities available for both children and adults.

There’s the Pirate Paradise Water Park where children and adults can have fun in the lazy river, the jacuzzis and the pools. There’s also a long stretch of beach which are divided into sections and believe it or not, one section reserved for clothing optional swimming--- for the adults who fancy it.

And the good thing is that many of these activities are part of the all inclusive package so you literally don’t have to take any money with you around.

If you have any stories or tips about Jamaica family vacation ideas, we would love to know more about them. Click here to send us your story.


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