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Jamaica Honeymoon

Jamaica—exotic, romantic and wild! This is one of the more popular Caribbean islands that newly wed couples go to for their honeymoons.

And if you’re trying to decide where to go after your wedding, a Jamaica honeymoon is one of the best places for those days of romance and bliss!

This beautiful island in the Caribbean meets a wide range of interest. Whatever your budget is, whatever kind of lifestyle you have, Jamaica will not disappoint.

Pick Your Getaway For A Honeymoon In Jamaica

Negril and its 7 mile beach is a place that’s somewhat caught in a time warp. Many resorts and restaurants dot the coastline and yet it has surprisingly retained the Jamaican culture that we are fascinated about. So if you’re looking for a beautiful beach, good food and excellent reggae music for your Jamaican honeymoon, this is the place to go.

Port Antonio is Jamaica’s little secret. It’s the more posh side of town surrounded by beautiful lush hills and the sea. It’s a far cry from the bare-all atmosphere of Montego Bay ( which is a plus or a minus, whichever way you look at it ), but if you’re like me and you want a secluded tranquil primally romantic ambiance, a honeymoon in Port Antonio is going to be very rewarding.

Montego Bay
And if you want to sunbathe by day and party the night away, go to Montego Bay. This place really lives up to itself and offers the best nightlife in Jamaica. The beach is not as great as Negril though.

Ocho Rios (Ochi ) is a resort town in the parish of St. Ann which is very near to some of Jamaica’s beautiful spots. This is where most cruise-ships dock so expect a lot of people from these cruises during the day.

Runaway Bay is not far from Ocho Rios and is more quiet than Ochi. Not many cruise ship passengers end up in this area. 

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