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Cheap Flights To Lanzarote

Flying to Lanzarote is very convenient if you’re traveling from Europe as this is where most direct flights to the island originate from.

If you’re from the UK, you’re even luckier with 15 different airports catering to cheap flights to Lanzarote

From our own research, the websites below offer competitive online rates for cheap flights to Lanzarote. These sites will show you rates from different airlines ( both chartered and scheduled flights to Lanzarote )
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If you would rather visit individual airline companies, check out the following company websites.

Other Airlines With Flights To Arrecife Lanzarote

  • From Within Spain
    • Futura International Airways
    • Iberia Airlines
    • Spanair
  • From The UK
    • British Airways
    • Britannia Airways
  • From Germany
  • Sterling from Denmark
  • Jet Air From Belgium
  • Transavia Airlines from the Netherlands
  • Lux Air from Luxembourg

Tips For Booking Cheap Flights To Lanzarote

Tip 1)
One of the best ways to find cheap flights to Lanzarote is by booking a chartered flight. You can get good deals on these flights especially for last minute bookings.

What is a chartered flight? A charterred flight is a flight arranged by a group of tour operators. When there are vacant seats on a flight, they sell these seats to individual travelers. There is usually no set schedule. But some very cheap flights to lanzarote can be had especially for last minute reservations.

Tip 2)
Booking flights online can also be cheaper. Many airlines now give cheaper rates for travelers who make their flight reservations online.

Tip 3)
It is not easy to say which airline offers the cheapest fare. So if you’re looking for the cheapest flight to Lanzarote, you need to invest some time poring through a few websites comparing rates between the different flights.

Tip 4 )
Some online booking engines will initially show you only the basic fare. Don’t forget to ask about hidden charges such as taxes & service charge

Getting From Lanzarote Airport To Your Hotel

By Taxi
You’ll find taxis just outside the arrivals area that will take you to your hotel. Taxi fares slightly differ between night & day. Fares on average cost:

Arrecife : 8 Euros
Costa Teguise: 15 Euros
Puerto del Carmen: 12 Euros
Playa Honda: 6 Euros
Playa Blanca: 30 Euros

By Bus

There are buses that go to the center of Arrecife for about 1.5 Euros. If you’re staying somewhere further away, you can then take another bus from Arrecife to your hotel.

Remember that the bus service does not run 24 hours. It operates only from 8:20 am to 19:20 p.m

Car Rental

Another way to go from the airport to your hotel is by renting a car.

There are two ways to go about this. You can either prebook a car online or rent a car at the airport once you get there.

Some things to consider when renting a car:

  • Is insurance covered by the rate?
  • Should there be any problems with the car, is there someone you can call?
  • If an airconditioned car is important to you, ask if the car has one.
  • Most cars for rent don’t have kiddie seats. Make sure you ask for one (if you need it) when making a booking

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