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Malaysia Tourist Attractions

The Best Of The Islands For Your Tropical Vacations

If your holiday in Malaysia is very limited, it is best to know what you want to experience and enjoy in the country.
  • Do you want to see the natural attractions in Malaysia?
  • Do you want to experience the beauty of its rich marine life?
  • Do you want to know more about Malaysia’s multi-cultural society

Once you’ve identified this, deciding where to travel in this vast country becomes a lot easier.

The Best Tourist Attractions In Malaysia During Your Island Vacations

The islands in Malaysia have such diverse attractions that going from one island to another is like going to a whole different country. In this article, I write about the following attractions:

  • Ecotourist Attractions In Langkawi
  • Sabah’s Natural Attractions
  • Penang’s Historical Attractions

A Malaysia Ecotourist Attraction On The Islands Of Langkawi

So why does Langkawi deserve a spot as one of the top Malaysia attractions?

Well, think about 99 islands, tropical rainforests, and secluded beaches and you’ve got a winning combination for a top island tropical destination.

This said, it takes a special kind of person to appreciate the islands of Langkawi. If you’re looking for discotheques under a moonlit sky or hordes of tourists to share your beach, then you’ll find Langkawi flat out Boring. But if you’re quite content with lazy days on the beach and even lazier nights, Langkawi is the place you’re looking for.

Top Attractions And Tours In Langkawi:

  • Langkawi’s tropical rainforest is one of the main attractions on the island and where various activities revolve around. If you appreciate nature, you will be amazed at the amazing flora and fauna that you’ll see in the island’s natural reserves.

    You can explore the jungle any way you fancy. There are many designated walking trails for those who prefer to explore by foot. There is also a cable car which will give you a bird’s eye view of the island. If you feel a bit more adventurous, why not try the canopy ride or perhaps the all new air-trekking tours?
  • Langkawi Sailing: Langkawi Island offers excellent opportunities for all sailing enthusiasts. There are four marinas on the island and it is possible to charter or hire a boat.

    Langkawi Sailing Information:
    • Charter Or Join A Sailing Trip From Any Of These Companies
    o Startdust : Get information at
  • Island Hopping
    It’s very easy to find tour companies on the mainland that would take you island hopping. But like many tour agencies, they’re more on following the usual tourist hubs which may not necessarily be the more interesting places to go to. If you want to have more control on which islands to visit, try chartering a boat instead. Visit the Guardian to guide you on how to go about this.
  • Langkawi Mangrove Tour
    A tour to Langkawi’s mangrove reserve is bound to be very interesting. On board a boat, you get to explore the natural wonders in the area. This trip usually includes a chance to feed some eagles as well as sting rays.
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
    Not many are too enthralled by the snorkeling and diving in Langkawi itself. But fret not! The magic of the underwater world is not very far away. You can go to nearby Pulau Payar, a marine park which is about 30 kilometers south of Langkawi. Alternatively, you can take a one-hour ferry boat to Thailand’s world famous, Tarutao Island.

Sabah Malaysia’s Natural Attractions

Sabah will never disappoint any nature, island or beach lover. From the beaches of Sipadan Island to the peak of Mount Kinabalu, there is always something for anyone who wants to explore Malaysia’s natural attractions.

Things To Do And Top Attractions In Sabah Malaysia

  • Home to one of the United Nation’s World Heritage Sites ( Kinabalu Park ), the natural attractions that the park offers is just extraordinary. A rich and diverse blend of flora and fauna makes any trek in Kinabalu Park a very enriching experience.
  • If you’re fit enough, a must-do is a walk up to the summit of Sabah’s pride, Mount Kinabalu, which is also the park’s main attraction. This is Southeast Asia’s highest mountain and surprisingly offers easy non intimidating walking routes.
  • The lodges in the park are usually full especially during the tourist season, so book a room in advance.
  • Spend some time up close and “personal” with one of the world’s most amazing animals, the Orang Utans, at the Sepilok Orang Utan Center. This is going to be one experience you will never forget.
  • Most of the orangutans which are being rehabilitated cannot have close contact with visitors, but if you must, there are some mature orangutans near the registration centre that are more than willing to have a photograph or two with you.
  • Another natural attraction that Sabah offers is its virgin rainforest jungle, Danum Valley. A haven of rare and endangered species, any nature lover will be enthralled by what Danum Valley has to offer.

Note: for a unique rainforest experience, why not try the night safari with seasoned guides?

  • And if you’ve had enough of amazing natural land attractions, one of the world’s best diving spots, Sipadan Island is not very far away.

Note: There are no longer any resorts on the island, but you can book a resort from any one of the nearby islands, Kapalai and/or Mabul.

Malaysia’s Cultural And Historical Attractions In Penang

Not far from Langkawi is Penang, the first British trading post in the Far East. And what makes it one of the more interesting attractions in Malaysia is the perfect blend of eastern and western influence.

Being in Penang is like being in Malaysia but not quite. As you walk its streets, the smell of culinary delights from Indian to Malay food permeates the air, and as you look around, old Chinese houses stand next to British-style edifice.

There are definitely more things to do in Penang than Langkawi which is one of the reasons why it has long been a favorite destination of many who travel to the orient.

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