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Booking Maldives Vacation Packages

Here’s a list of companies that specialize in Maldives vacation packages. We’ve also added some important things to know for a Maldives vacation

If you’re thinking about booking Maldives vacation packages, I’ve listed below some websites and travel agencies online that specialize in customizing a holiday package for trips to the Maldives.

I’ve also included a list of things to remember to ensure that you’ll get the best Maldives vacations.

Maldives Vacation Packages

Companies Based In The United Kingdom

  • Kouni holidays
    Tailor made vacations to the Maldives. For hotel and flight vacation packages, click the link on the left column that says Indian subcontinent. Click here to visit their website
  • Thomas Cook
    For quality luxury holidays, check out Thomas Cook. Their packages get b ooked so quickly though, so make sure you make reservations well in advance. Click here to visit their site
  • Expedia UK
    Here's Expedia offerring vacation packages which are of interest to the UK market. Wide range of packages.

Companies Based In The US

  • One Travel
    One travel offers vacation packages to the Maldives and many other sun destinations as well. Check out their vacation rental rates which are also great value for money.

Note: If you have used an online company for your Maldives vacation packages, we will be more than happy to include them on the above links.

Tips For A Great Maldives Vacation

  • Go all inclusive. Get a hotel package
  • Be prepared for exorbitant prices
    The Maldives is a luxury destination and you’ll very quickly find out that everything from batteries to wine is sometimes ridiculously expensive. Many Maldives vacation packages do not include this extra expense, so expect to spend quite a lot of money once you're there.
  • It’s paradise but you can still get conned
    The Maldivians are undoubtedly a very friendly bunch of people, but there are still cases of tourists being conned. The most popular trick happens the moment you arrive at the airport – Do not, I repeat, DO NOT accept anything the friendly people in the cafes give you ( even though they give the impression it’s free ). If you really need to, make sure you ask how much it is in advance or you might just end up paying 15 USD for a small bottle of water. You’ve been warned!
  • Pornographic material is illegal ( even soft porn )
    I don’t know why you would need to bring pornographic material on holiday, but if you’re thinking about it, forget it. Your luggage will be thoroughly searched at the airport and you will have to pay the stipulated fine.
  • Expect seaplane transfer delays even if you've prebooked a Maldives vacation package
    Since the airport is on its own island, you need to travel from the airport to the island where your resort is located. This can either be by seaplane or boat. Be aware though that there are sometimes delays with these transfers even in luxury hotels that provide you with this service
  • Staff expect to be tipped
  • The Maldives is not really a place to go shopping
  • Dress conservatively
    The Maldives is largely a Muslim population and dressing conservatively to respect their beliefs is highly encouraged, especially in the towns or villages. Also, many resorts discourage wearing swimming suits when at the restaurant
  • This is the place to learn how to dive as there’s nothing much else to do

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