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Mexican Travel Destinations - Cozumel

Experience Wonderful Cozumel!


Cozumel is by far one of the most beautiful and luscious tropical getaway destinations in the world. With its wealth of beautiful coastal waters, lovely tourist destinations, and friendly people, Cozumel is the perfect vacation place for single people, newly married couples and families. If you're looking for a place to relax and wind down some time in the sun, Cozumel is the perfect atmosphere.

Many people visit the island specifically to take advantage of Cozumel's scuba diving. The perfect, turquoise waters and abundance of healthy coral reefs make scuba diving in Cozumel something that you'll never forget. In order to establish a healthy basin for the coral reef life to thrive, the Mexican government established the "Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park," ensuring that no one will touch or remove any of the reefs from the park, disturbing its fragile ecosystem. This conservation measure guarantees that the reefs will be available for many future generations to come.

Another fun activity that many people choose to participate in while in Cozumel is charter fishing. This is a viable tourist trade in Cozumel and often provides outsiders with the chance to catch fish they wouldn't normally be able to hook. There's also Chankanaab Park also known as Cozumel's Natural Landmark which provides tourists with the opportunity to swim with the dolphins and take a small adventure through some detailed replicas of the Mayan and Aztec ruins that once covered much of Mexico. You can also scuba and snorkel your way through some of the water attractions or just sit back on the private beach and relax your afternoon away.

There are two different ways to get to the island of Cozumel. You can either fly in, or you can take advantage of a one day pass to the island on a cruise ship that has Cozumel as one of its ports of call. The option that's best for you depends largely on whether or not you want to spend more than a day on the island. If you'd prefer to spend an afternoon on the island, take part in a few activities you enjoy, and then get back on the boat to head to your next Caribbean destination, then a cruise is likely the best mode of transportation for you.

If, however, you'd like to see more of the island than a simple day pass can accommodate, you'll need to check into a flight and hotel package to stay on the island. There are over one hundred hotels in Cozumel, so finding the perfect one for your needs shouldn't be a problem. Most of the hotels offer a wide range of amenities, from private boat docks and diving facilities to large accessible pools and special wedding and honeymoon packages.

Cozumel is not merely a routine Mexican travel destination it's a place that you'll visit once and never forget. Its wealth of perfect waters, wonderful climate and truly hospitable people will make this vacation destination a regular on your list of Caribbean island must-dos.

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