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Mexican Travel Destinations - Cuernavaca

Free yourself from tourists, visit Cuernavaca!


Most people don't think of this interior city of Mexico as much more than the capital city of the state of Morelos; however, it's so much more than just a routine capital city. Cuernavaca is known all over Mexico for its timeless beauty and wonderfully moderate temperatures year round.

Known as "The City of Eternal Spring," Cuernavaca is known for having temperatures in the low eighties all year round. This means that there's no need for air conditioners or heaters here – if you don't go during the rainy season, it's almost always the perfect afternoon for a stroll and a picnic. Besides the wonderful weather, Cuernavaca attracts tourists from all over the world for its history, art, and schools. Everywhere you turn in this delightful little city, there's a sense of history, an appreciation for great art, timeless outdoor markets and genuinely nice people.

In addition, Cuernavaca is only a few minutes away from the ruins in Tepoztlán and Xochicalco, which sit on top of volcanoes. Tepoztlán is a wonderful little city with cobble stone streets, an enchanting history and some of the most fabulous homemade ice cream around. If you're looking for the true heart of Mexico, there's no better place to find it than in one of these small mountain towns.

The bus and cab system in Cuernavaca are easy to use and most of the people there speak enough English for you to be able to easily navigate around the city without too many worries. If you like, you can even board a bus bound for Mexico City every fifteen minutes. This comes in handy if you want to visit the large metropolitan area on a day pass, but stay in the more moderately-priced and comfortable surroundings of Cuernavaca.

If you're interesting in experiencing some of the infamous nightlife of Mexico and are afraid that staying in an isolated area like Cuernavaca will detract from your ability to do so – don't worry! There are several active night clubs in the Cuernavaca area that will provide you with the type of entertainment you're looking for, whether it be dancing in a club to upbeat music or dining and drinking out on the patio of a local restaurant. It can all be found in Cuernavaca.

It's this marvelous blend of the old-fashioned culture of Mexico with the new, hip beat that most tourists are after that makes Cuernavaca such a spectacular place to visit. You can go into any number of established shops and stores or stroll through the downtown market and bargain with the locals for a more authentic piece of jewelry. Another attractive quality of Cuernavaca is the abundance of water parks and activities that surround this city. That, combined with the beautiful year-round weather, makes for some fun, sun-filled moments.

All of these factors combine together to make Cuernavaca the perfect travel destination for your vacationing family. If you're looking for a piece of authentic Mexico with all the luxuries and accommodations of modern life, then look no further than this interesting city in the south-central region of Mexico.

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