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Minorca Holidays

Relaxing Vacations In The Balearic Islands

MinorcaMinorca holidays offer a very unique blend of sun, sea, history, nature and culture.

Inasmuch as many come to this island to bask under the sun, Minorca also offers some very interesting activities for those who care to leave their resorts and venture out. (Photo by: Joan Planas)

Rent A Car In Minorca

The good thing about visiting Minorca is that it’s so small that it's easy to go around the island.

If you want to experience how people in Minorca get around, you can always opt to use the island’s public transportation system. Be forewarned though that the buses can sometimes be unreliable.

If you want to have more of a control of where and when you go, renting a car is the most reasonable thing to do.

Top Things To See & Do In Minorca Spain

Apart from its many beaches, Minorca offers a very rich culture, a rich natural environment, and some very interesting towns.

Interesting Towns To Visit In Minorca

Minorca is a real gem to history buffs. Traditional & Medieval Spanish towns can be seen on the island as well as towns which clearly show the marks that the British & the French have left.

Ciutadella is sometimes left unvisited by many tourists due to its lack of swimmable beaches, but the town is probably the island's most charming town.

What to do in Ciutadella

  • Have coffee in one of the Harbor cafes
  • Don’t mind the crowd? Visit the island around the 24th of June for the best of Spanish fiestas
  • Ciutadella has a reasonably active nightlife – so if you’re the kind who wants a bit of nighttime dancing during your holidays, go to Ciutadella
  • Go to the open air market at Plaza del Mercat
  • Walk around the town and be awed by its beauty.

Mao Or Mahon ( Capital )
The British moved Minorca island's capital to Mahon in the 18th century and its influence to this town is very visible.

The harbor is the hub of activities here and is deemed as one of the world’s best natural harbors.

Things To Do In Mao ( Mahon)

  • Visit the religious buildings which bear witness to its colonial history.
  • Visit the Museum
  • Visit one of its open air markets
  • Stroll its plazas and do a little bit of people watching

Romancing Nature In Minorca

A UNESCO biosphere reserve, expect to see nature at its very best in Minorca.

This is an island where the inhabitants have a well found respect for nature and where much effort has been made to preserve its natural environment.

If you want to visit its many natural attractions:

  • Explore the Minorcan Marine Reserve
  • See the vast beauty of the Albufera National Park
  • Visit one (or more ) of its more than 3 dozen underground caves
  • Take a walk in one of its 5 reserves

Water Sports & Adventure
With the sea at its doorstep, Minorca holidays can be filled with lots of water related adventurous sports.

Some of the more popular sports in Minorca are:

  • Biking, walking or cycling
  • Horseback riding
  • Sailing & Windsurfing
  • Scuba Diving

Other Things To Do In Minorca

1) Take a harbour cruise in a glass bottom boat. Get a different perspective of Minorca’s beauty.

2) Go to Fornells for the best seafood delicacies on the island and reputably the whole of Spain

3) For some holiday fun, go to the Aqua Center where your children will be entertained by many attractions for kids.

4) Charter a yacht and experience the bliss of a sailing holiday.

5) There are many horse riding tracks on the island. So get a saddle and see the island's beauty on top of this big beautiful beast.

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