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Menorca Villa Rental

Luxury Accommodation & Villas With Swimming Pools

Finding Menorca villa rental companies is not all that difficult.

Many villas for rent in Menorca from small cozy places to luxury villas with pools can be easily booked from online villa rental websites as well as many travel agencies that specialize in Menorca holidays.

If you’re ready to rent a villa in Menorca, the following websites offer an extensive list of villas.

    • Villas To Go : Offers some of the best selections of luxury villas online. All villas featured by this site have a swimming pool.

      • Tip: Look at the left side column of the site just under property search for a quick way to find villa rentals in Menorca
    • Thomas Cook : Lots of travel packages to Menorca. Can be a bit confusing to look for villas.
    • Just click the link that says Holidays and use the search form to find villa holiday packages

    • Igluvillas: villas & apartments with good rates

Things To Remember When Booking A Villa In Menorca

I) Finding A Villa To Rent In Menorca

You can of course just easily go to your trusty travel agent, but making use of the wide resources available online, although it requires more work on your part, can be very rewarding (and often lighter on the pocket).

The very first thing you need to remember is to think about what you want from a villa. Jot down things like

  • How many rooms you need
  • Amenities you would like to have
  • The location you prefer (know how far it is from places you might want to visit)
  • Any possible additional services (like a car, masseuse, cook)
  • Maid services etc.
  • Do you need a Menorca villa with private swimming pool
  • A luxury villa may mean different things to different people, so be very specific about what it is you expect to have

II) When you start looking for a villa, remember that rates can vary widely online.

If you have time, you can always make an online search about the luxury villa in Menorca that you plan to book and look for any rate discrepancies.

If you can’t be bothered to do all the searching, our rule of thumb is if you’re happy enough to pay the price being offered, then go for it. If not, find another site.

III) A picture may say a thousand words but don’t always trust images online.

When you've found a villa that you would like to rent, make notes about the features and the images available.

And then when you talk/email someone regarding reservations, ask the person again about the features mentioned on the site.

IV) When you find the villa you want, get in touch with the contact person.

This can either be the owner of the villa, the property manager, or the sales manager of the website company.

Ask him/her about your villa specifications. And then ask for the contact person in Menorca in case any problems arise. Ask who this person is.

V) Always read the fine print.

Are you going to get a refund if your trip is cancelled? Will your credit card be charged upfront?

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